A Colorful Christmas Home Tour

'Twas two weeks before Christmas, and all through our house
Not a surface was normal, not even the couch

A wreath was hung on our new front door with care
Homemade with old ornaments, glue gun burns everywhere

Don't have a tutorial for this specific wreath, but I followed the exact steps as my pumpkin wreath .
More ornaments were nestled into bowls and on shelves
Despite daily disarray (caused by twin toddler elves)

The biggest orbs wore bows of velvet, so lush
When it comes to Christmas, there's no such thing as too much

Steps away was our tree, branches fluffed to look plump
Paper chains to add color, softest ornaments near the stump

The presents were wrapped, affixed with bright bows
Laid carefully to cover a dirty rug down below

Nearby on the hutch, served up on a platter
A sweet nativity to remind us what matters

And two Santa pillows, stuffed with cotton and love
One on each side, with two wreaths up above

A vase laced with velvet, a sconce draped with twigs
A wreath made of ornaments and the cutest elf twins!

If one house is good, then 25 houses are great
I'll use it for advent, mark each December date

You see those small trees? Of course I have more
An entire room filled with them; I bought out the store!

Behold our mantel forest, filled with stair-stepper trees
The cheeriest display, despite the stiffest of leaves

The roofline, how it twinkles with lights straight and bright
It cost us a small fortune but it lights up the night

Some say it's clutter; some say it's festive
I can't resist if it's shiny and decorative

So our halls have been decked, and decked to the max
Only two weeks until Christmas, no turning back!

Now I'll hang up my glue gun and close up the attic
Go back to my days as a Christmas Crack addict

I'm here to exclaim, filled with sugar and delight
Merry Christmas to all, may your holiday shine bright.


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