Rugs + Toddlers + Dogs

You know the saying, "You're the reason we can't have nice things?"

We have many reasons why we can't have nice things. Their names are Evan, Hope, Rory and Shiner, and they are two toddlers and two dogs who will destroy anything they can get their hands/paws on.

Thanks to these tiny destroyers, we have burned through a lot of rugs. Because I don't like hemorrhaging money on nice rugs, we have a very practical rug philosophy. Every rug must be heavily patterned so that it hides small blemishes, and it must be affordable. Really affordable.

So when it came to redecorating our formal living room, one of my first purchases was this faux-cowhide rug from Rugs USA.

I loved the way it looked and the way it hid blemishes right away, but the only con was that it felt pretty thin underfoot. One reason that's a major bummer is because my twin toddler mom life means I'm sitting on the ground all the time, plus the kids are falling on the ground all the time. Having a thin rug isn't much better than sitting or falling right on the hardwood floors.

I mentioned to Scott that we should buy a rug pad for this room, and he was not convinced. He just felt like the cheap rug pads aren't worth their salt - they get all bunchy and don't keep the rug in place - and that the expensive ones were, well, expensive. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on something you hide underneath your rug. 

My problems were solved when Rug Pad USA reached out and asked if I wanted to try their rug pad. Um, YES! I told them it was the perfect opportunity to convert my husband to the rug pad camp. Spoiler alert: I was right.

Within days, the Cadillac of rug pads was waiting by our front door. It was the perfect size for our 9x12 rug and it instantly made the rug feel so much more cushioned underfoot. My thin, affordable rug suddenly felt quite luxurious.

The other day my friend came over, stepped on the rug and said, "It feels so soft!" The rug has a soft texture, but it's the new pad underneath that makes it feel really plush. I could tell a big difference, especially when I walked on it with bare feet.

It's not the sexiest purchase you'll ever make, but these are the main reasons we now believe a quality rug pad is a worthwhile investment:

  1. You may spill something and ruin your rug, but your rug pad will live on. Just put a new (thin, affordable) rug on top of it. You can get a lot of mileage out of it, giving you a good return on your investment. (Probably a lot more mileage than the pretty rugs that cost a lot more than the pad!)
  2.  It's softer for kids.We play in this room a lot. The kids have accidentally fallen off of that super tall sofa. Oops. Does it make us feel better than they are landing on a rug with a generous foam cushion underneath? Of course! As a parent, increased peace of mind is priceless.
  3. It's softer for adults. One day our friends came over with their two toddlers, and all four adults sat on this rug and formed a human jungle gym. It's true what they say - kids love it when you get down on their level. We find ourselves sitting on the ground very frequently. Do we need a padding underneath our rug when we sit there? No, not necessarily. But having sat on this rug before and after we had the premium rug pad underneath, I can attest that it's a much nicer experience for my bum when I get to sit on a nice cushion!
  4. It protects your floors. Wood floors can be fragile, and we all know they aren't cheap. Some rugs are pretty scratchy underneath, and it's nice to have a layer protecting the wood.
  5. It keeps your rug in place. This was my main beef with other rug pads I've tried (the super cheap ones) - that they didn't actually deliver on the promise to keep my rug in one spot. The rug pad we chose - Superior Lock 1/4" is made to be both cushioned and grippy. Trust me, your rug will not slide around with this thing underneath!

One last thing. Do you love those beautiful kilim rugs you see on all the design blogs? Me too. One reason I have never purchased one is because those I have seen in person are relatively thin, so I just picture them sliding all over the floor and driving me insane. Having a quality rug pad would be a game changer that would make those rugs a lot more functional in everyday life. 

Basically, a nice rug pad is one of those things I never knew I needed. And now that I have it, it would be hard to go back. It's kind of like having a rear-view camera in my car. I always think about how I lived for years without it, but now I can't imagine driving without it. 

PS. I'll be back soon to explain how we made the live edge coffee table. It's one of my favorite things in the room and it has an interesting backstory. Stay tuned...

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