Home for the Holidays

We have our house decked out for the holidays this year, but I admit that we didn't go as "all out" as years past because it's harder to find time with the twins. Every year I enjoy opening up my Christmas stuff and trying to think of new ways to use the same decor. I always try to put things in different spots and mix it up without buying new decorations.

This year I tried to do more colorful jewel tones in the formal living room. I kept my pink and blue pillows on the sofa and added a few pink ornaments to our tree that really make it more playful and youthful than our normal gold-silver-blue-green combo.

We didn't have a tree skirt for this tree, so I was planning to use a throw blanket. Then I remembered I had this big puffy rug wadded up in our garage waiting to be thrown away and decided it would be a perfect tree skirt. You may remember that we bought this rug for the twins' nursery. The husband warned me that a white rug was a bad idea, and he was right. That rug looked dirty and dingy in no time flat, especially since the dogs were smitten with its soft, fluffy texture. Anyway, somehow the dingy-ness is less visible as a tree skirt. I actually cut a slit from the side of the rug to the center and wrapped it around the tree. I absolutely love the way it looks and I love that I'm not totally wasting this rug anymore. (My advice to anyone who wants to have a white rug: Become one of those families who takes their shoes off when they walk in the house and don't let your dogs sleep on the white rug. Oops.)

We tried to take a cute photo in front of the tree one night, but one twin pulled the other twin over. I know this is just the beginning of the refereeing we'll be doing for the next 18+ years!

From the formal dining room you can see straight through the living room into the play room. I thought I would include this view for those of you who are unfamiliar with the layout of our house.

Across from the sofa is a huge cabinet where we kept the decor pretty simple. The light shines on our nativity scene.

Our fireplace mantel is looking a bit more full this year with the addition of two adorable stockings for our two adorable babies. Thank you to my Aunt Cindy for buying us these sweet (and humongous) stockings that our kids will love for years and years to come.

Next to the sofa we snuck a few ornaments on the side table to add a bit of festive cheer to that adorable baby shoe shrine.

In the formal dining room I wanted it to feel a little bit cozy and bring in the colorful tones from the living room, so I busted out this blanket scarf to add a little pattern to the table. My oversized ornaments from Wisteria were placed on top of the shelves to add a little sparkle next to one of my many thrifted wreaths.

The centerpiece is just a thrifted tray filled with apple green ornaments (one of my favorite colors ever) and some fresh eucalyptus from Trader Joe's. I had no idea there were so many different types of eucalyptus, but the good news is they all smell delicious.

We hung a few more wreaths near the front of the house, including a homemade wreath made from vintage ornaments (a cherished gift) on the nursery door.

Note how the room has no rug now that I got rid of the white one. I hope to find something more shoe-friendly in the near future!

In the playroom we hung up a string of lights decorated with ribbons that I made a few years back. It adds even more color to what was already a bright, colorful hangout for the babies. I even hung my disco balls from it to make the room even more sparkly when the sun is shining in. I'm using the string of lights to display our Christmas cards and it makes me smile to see all of my friends and their families hanging in our windows. 

Over in the den, everything is super cozy. This is where we have what I like to call our "sentimental tree." The formal living room tree is pretty, with coordinated colors and sparkly ornaments. This tree is filled with ornaments that might be mismatched but have special meaning to us. For example, we buy an ornament on all of our vacations, so those are all displayed on this tree. Plus we have some of our childhood favorites and "baby's first Christmas" baubles on display. 

Unfortunately I don't have great photos of this room, but you can see most of the tree here. I didn't have a tree-topper for this one so I bunched together some faux flowers and tied them with a red ribbon, Voila, instant tree topper!

Our mantel is more full this year with the addition of two adorable stockings for our two precious babies. My Aunt Cindy was kind enough to gift us these knit stockings from Pottery Barn that Hope and Evan will enjoy for years and years to come. They are colorful, fun and tie in so well with our simple red and white stockings we already had (also from Pottery Barn). Plus they are huge so you know the kids will LOVE that once they are old enough to get excited about opening gifts!

I know it's not the best photo, but we kept the mantel the same as usual except for adding more fresh eucalyptus from Trader Joe's. Don't you love how I "styled" that blanket on the hearth by wadding it up so quickly and shoving it in? Ha! I'm sorry, but that's how it normally looks. Our reality is a little bit more wadded up than artfully draped, you know?

Our outdoor decor is extremely simple, but my favorite part (as always) is the wreath on the front door. I took my usual green berry wreath from our wedding and made it more festive by adding my flea market ice skates and some jingle bells tied up with some buffalo check ribbon. 

If you follow me on Instagram you can see that I'm obsessed with making the twins wear these gnome hats. I bought them on a whim during Black Friday, figuring I would take a picture of the babies wearing them and that would be it. However, they are both adorable and functional. It's been really cold here lately so I've been having the twins wear them on our outings to the grocery store, on walks around the neighborhood, etc. They are so adorable in those gnome hats; I just can't stand it! 

Those are all the photos from my house, but I thought I would share this picture from my mom's house. She has her living room decorated in such a fun and colorful way. I think we were both inspired by the twins to do our decor a bit more playful and less sophisticated than years past. My mom went from having one grandbaby to having four grandbabies in 2016, so she has babies on the brain this holiday! She picked up those cute fleece stockings for each baby at Target and plans to get them embroidered with each child's name. And seeing her decor makes me really want a flocked tree. (Don't tell Scott. He'll kill me if I talk about buying another Christmas tree. Maybe I can get a tiny one. He he he.) 

I know I'm not blogging very frequently these days, but I am so grateful for those of you who still read these posts. If you'd like to follow along with our family more closely, I post almost daily to Instagram (@JordanG106). I still love taking photos and sharing inspiration (not to mention a million pictures of the twins!), but it's hard to find the time to type up posts. I'm finding Instagram is an easy outlet to share what's going on in our world in between blog posts.

I'd like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This is the Christmas card we sent out this year, and the sentiment is what I'm praying for after what can only be described as a very tumultuous and divisive 2016. May we go out of our way to bring peace, love and joy to those around us in the coming year. 

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