Fall Home Tour 2016

Last week my best friend and I went on a floral adventure to celebrate her 30th birthday. We took a class to learn how to create a preserved pumpkin flower arrangement. We had a lot of fun, and we came home with gorgeous flowers.

It was just the kick in the pants I needed to lug the fall decor down from the attic and make the house feel a bit more seasonal. I actually thought about not decorating for this season at all since we are so busy with the babies, but the husband told me he really liked it when I bring out the fall decor. Who knew he would actually care?! I bet her secretly loves all of my throw pillows, too. :)

Using my new pumpkin as a jumping off point, I injected some orange into the formal dining room. All of this decorating took about 20 minutes. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you think your babies are going to wake up from there nap at any minute!

I use the same pumpkins and gourds every year but just change up how I display them. It's like autumn in a box. It's both easy and affordable, two of my favorite things.

Just a few feet away, I snuck a few tiny pumpkins into the formal living room. 

You may remember that a couple months ago I simplified the shelves in the den to make the color scheme really calm and neutral. In keeping with that theme, I added a bunch of white and beige pumpkins and gourds to the mantel.

And just for fun, I asked my mom to send me a few photos from her house. She always does a great job making her house feel more autumnal by bringing in more texture and warmer colors.

Wondering how I used the exact same pumpkins (minus the pretty floral arrangement, since that's new) in past years? Here are some of my previous fall home tours. I LOVE fall so much. Now if only our weather would actually feel like the seasons are shifting, I'd be in heaven.

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