Party of Four

On March 24 at 8:47 and 8:48 a.m., we welcomed our beautiful twins into the world!

After eight weeks of bed rest, we made it to our planned c-section at 36 weeks and 6 days. Throughout the entire pregnancy we were hoping to make it to 38 weeks, but my blood pressure was continually rising at the end so we moved the c-section up one week. I was so miserable by then that I absolutely could not wait to welcome these nuggets into the world (and out of my poor body).

I'm thrilled to introduce the two new loves of my life, Evan Donaldson (left) and Hope Everly.

In case you're wondering, Evan looks just like his daddy. Hope takes after my side of the gene pool. They are both so small and snuggly, and we are head over heels in love with them!

Evan made his debut first at a whopping 7 lbs and 20 inches, which is apparently huge for twins. The doctors and nurses couldn't get over how big they were. But if you had seen my gigantic belly in the last few weeks of pregnancy, you would have easily believed I had 14 lbs of baby in there – trust me!

Hope arrived only one minute later at 6 lb. 9 oz and 19.5 inches long, and I was finally able to hold both of my babies. It was the most wonderful and surreal feeling I have ever experienced. Our family had literally doubled in two minutes. This is when it finally felt real. "Whoa, I'm a mother. We are parents. Holy cow!"

The anesthesiologist took my phone during the surgery and went to town taking photos. She said she loves to help couples by taking photos during the c-sections. How cool is that? We got so lucky that she was assigned to our c-section that day.

We stayed in the hospital for four days while I recovered from the surgery and we both learned how to be parents. We are so grateful for the amazing nurses and doctors at our hospital, who patiently taught us the ins and outs of caring for two infants.

We didn't hire a professional photographer, so I took it upon myself to document the first few days of their lives with my iPhone. I took a million snapshots and tried to soak in every little detail of their tiny fingers and toes. I will cherish these photos forever.

By the time we went home, we felt as ready as we could be to face this whole parenthood thing on our own. We were quite the spectacle walking out of the labor and delivery unit two car seats and two tiny babies. We shared the elevator with some other tired new dads who looked intensely relieved that they only had to care for one baby. Ha!

Like most infants, ours have their days and nights mixed up. Our first night at home was pretty harrowing (I may or may not have cried irrationally at 3 a.m.), but it's gotten slightly better each night. Or maybe we have just lowered our expectations and embraced the fact that we won't be getting any sleep during this newborn stage. Either way, we feel better about it and are really trying to soak in each moment, knowing they won't be this small forever.

They sure are cute when they are sleeping though, aren't they? How sweet is this mirror image pose I captured during yesterday's post-pediatrician visit nap?

As I was writing this post, I experienced a very important  boy mom right of passage. I took a break to change Evan's diaper at 1 a.m. and as soon as I touched his cute little bum with the baby wipe, he peed all over my arm and shirt. I couldn't help but laugh, as gross as it was. I will be googling "tips for changing a baby boy's diaper" as soon as I finish this post...

We've been home for 4 days, and we're developing a new normal over here. We've had two pediatrician appointments so far (all healthy reports!) and we even took the twins to Target tonight. After eight weeks of bed rest, you have no idea how great it felt to wander around Target like the good ol' days.

I started a photo series with each baby so I can chart their growth next to their favorite stuffed animal (or shall we say my favorite stuffed animals, since they are a little young to care). I used the Baby Story app to add the cute text details, which I think will save me so much time when I create their scrapbooks. The app costs $1 and has additional things you can add for more money, which I think it pretty reasonable. I can see myself having hours of fun with that app.

If you follow me on social media, I apologize for flooding your feed with baby photos. I just cannot help myself! What else am I supposed to do but play with photos on my phone when I'm feeding babies in the middle of the night?

Well, I'm off to calm a fussy baby. Wish me luck! :)

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