Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I love buying presents. As far as I can remember, I have always put energy into finding thoughtful gifts for the people in my life. I remember dragging my mom all over town in middle school to find the perfect color lava lamp for a friend's birthday gift.

Mother's Day has really been on my mind this year, and not really because I finally get to join the mom club. It's mostly because my own mother has been completely keeping me above water since the twins were born -- and even before then when I was helpless on bed rest -- and I feel a strong need to thank her properly for being such an amazing mother to me and grandmother to our babies. Plus, my mother in law and grandmother in law are so loving and supportive that overall I'm just feeling really blessed to be surrounded by such strong women. Caring for the twins has been so hard, and I really have a better understanding of how much they have sacrificed to raise us.

Anyway, I have been brainstorming gift ideas that I think would appeal to most mothers out there just in case you are stumped about what to get the women in your life.

One more thought before I get into the list: The best gift for any mother is probably time. Time spent with you. Time spent with her grandchildren. For a new mom, time for herself so she can take a long nap/shower/walk to refresh her spirit. So I would say that when possible, make sure any material gift like the ones below comes with the added gift of time. And a card with a handwritten note is just the perfect cherry on top!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

  • You cannot go wrong with flowers, especially if you buy your mom's favorite kind. I'm pretty sure Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for florists, and for good reason. Two of my favorite online floral companies who make modern, organic looking arrangements are Farmgirl Flowers and Bouqs.com
  • If your mom is into decorating like mine is, a simple home decor item that reflects her taste - the wooden tray, a cheerful cake stand, a fun decorative pillow or a happy new door mat - could be a perfect gift. Some of these aren't available online anymore, but you can find similar options at HomeGoods, Target or World Market year round. 
  • There is a reason why pajamas are such a popular gift. We all love sleeping, and having cute pajamas is just the icing on the cake. I recently bought these pajamas for myself (the button down shirt is perfect for the breastfeeding new mom) and they are so soft and cute. The best part is you can buy the set with the pants and then add on the shorts so that it's a pair she can wear year round. It comes in several cute prints. Highly recommend!
  • Does your mom love to read? I know I do, but it also feels like such a luxury to have a chunk of time to lose yourself in a good book. Depending on your mom's reading taste, a new thriller or funny, encouraging reads (I love this book, and this one too) might be the perfect option. Or you can buy her some classic novels with beautiful covers, which are great to read and to leave out on the coffee table for a pop of color. Bonus points if you throw in a bottle of wine/coffee cup/bubble bath to accompany her reading time. And if your mom loves reading but you always get her a book, think outside the book and try something fun like this scarf printed with classic literature
  • One way to approach gift giving is to buy the person a special treat - a luxury item they would never buy themselves. It doesn't have to be crazy expensive, but just something they would feel a little guilty purchasing for themselves because it's not a necessity. How about a nice perfume (I'm partial to Marc Jacobs scents and packaging and wear this and this) or a new lipstick
  • Have a mother who is constantly on the go or really into her Zumba classes? Treat her to some nice new sneakers.  I know my mom loves taking her dogs on long walks and could benefit from a new pair of sneakers that fit well help prevent injury. It's frustrating to shell out money for nice sneakers, so consider taking your mom to your local sporting goods store, have her get properly fitted and treat her to some new running/walking shoes. Just like buying bras, it is really important to get fitted for running shoes. It wasn't until I got properly fitted at my local running store that I realized I needed shoes one full size bigger, and they needed to be narrow width. I'd been doing my feet a disservice all these years with ill-fitting shoes.
  • Jewelry is a popular gift, but consider jewelry that is more personalized. Birthstone jewelry carries a sweet sentiment, but I think a lot of it is a little bit cheesy. However, I love this bracelet with the birthstones. Fill her bracelet with the birthstones of her children or grandchildren and I'm pretty sure she will love it. 
  • Lastly, photo gifts. We all love photos of the kids and grand kids! There are so many cool options now, like framing your artistic Instagram photos or building her a photo book. If you buy her a set of frames like this for Instagrams, earn some bonus points by actually hanging them up for her, too. I know I am bad at hanging artwork so I would love if someone did it for me. (Thanks for hanging everything in our house, dear husband.)

I also want to send my thoughts and prayers to anyone out there who is suffering through infertility or has suffered a loss that makes Mother's Day a very sad time for you. It's hard for me to believe that at this time last year, we were three years into an infertility struggle. We were going through our first round of IVF and didn't know what the future held. I felt pangs of sadness on Mother's Day and would even avoid church so I wouldn't be reminded of what I was missing out on. It's really hard.

I'm thinking about you, friends. <3

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