Twin Nursery Reveal

Thanks to my unfortunate bed rest situation, I feel like this nursery design process got dragged out waaaaay too long. But thankfully I convinced my mom to come over and polish up the room so we could finally take some pictures and share it with you!

Fair warning, this post is going to be pretty long and filled with pictures. It's really hard for me to blog right now so if I'm going to do it, I'm going to go all in!

I love nurseries. I have been dreaming about our own children's nurseries years before we started our long journey toward starting a family. That being said, my taste is eclectic and it can be hard for me to nail down exactly what I want because I like so many different things.

When it came down to the feeling I wanted for this room, the word I kept coming back to was "happy." I wanted this space to be cheerful and playful. And since we were having both a boy and a girl, I knew it couldn't lean toward one particular gender. I decided the best color scheme for a unisex room was ALL OF THE COLORS! Plus my mom told me that having vibrant, contrasting colors are helpful for baby development, so that made my decision even easier.

So without further ado, here is our happy and colorful twin nursery. Come on in!

I'll make sure to list sources at the end in case you are interested.

Our baby girl's name is Hope. When we were going through infertility, hope was the feeling I wrestled with the most. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, searching for it, studying what it means. Somewhere along that journey I decided that if we ever had a little girl, we would name her Hope. And what a blessing that my Hope came true!

I was inspired by the iconic LOVE statue in Philadelphia for the arrangement of the wooden letters, and the amazing patterns from Rifle Paper Co. inspired the canvas that I painted for the background. 

As for our baby boy, Evan is a name we have always loved. His middle name, Donaldson, is a tribute to my late father. I'm very proud that our son will be the 4th generation to carry on the Donaldson middle name and it brings me comfort to think about my dad whenever I say his name.

For his name art, we wanted to keep it simple and sporty. I made my own varsity letterman letters using felt and bonded felt from Michaels and glued them on a spray-painted canvas. Easy-peasy!

This room has an awkward space in the corner that we didn't really know how to utilize, so we decide to make it a reading nook. The husband built book ledges into each corner of the nook, and I made the colorful mobile out of rubber bath toys.

The husband had to organize the closet after I went on bed rest, and he did an awesome job. I wanted it to be just as colorful and fun as the rest of the room. We labeled each bin with a simple adhesive gift label from the Sugar Paper LA holiday wrapping line at Target.

Hope and Evan each get their own hooks - blue and pink, of course.

Over in the opposite corner, we added more book storage. My mom was a first grade teacher for almost 40 years and saved all of my favorite books. It's so fun to have them in our baby room. I love to read and I hope our children do, too.

The husband made that unicycle lamp for me out of a side table that I bought at Michael's on clearance a long time ago. He removed the tabletop, used a wiring kit and then added a lamp shade. Voila! I love it so much. This is a moment when hoarding a random purchase paid off for me. :)

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our twin nursery. It was a labor of love before the real labor of love, if you know what I mean! We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers as we navigate the stresses of this final trimester. I'm happy to report that after two weeks in the hospital because of preterm labor risks, I am now back at home. I'm still on strict bed rest, but at least I'm here in my own bed with my own puppies. I am a little over 33 weeks and am hoping to keep these babies cooking for a little while longer. Thank you very much for your well wishes and support.

We did manage to take our maternity pictures two days before I got put on bed rest, so yay! I'm so glad we were able to capture the pregnancy with some nice photos.

Maternity photos by B Faith Photography

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