"Baby It's Cold Outside" Baby Shower

I'm overdue for an update on this blog, aren't I? I have been wanting to share some nursery projects, but everything is almost done. I keep waiting for it to be totally done, but then other stuff gets in the way. You know how it goes!

I went to the doctor on Tuesday at 28 weeks and was worried about passing my glucose test. Diabetes runs in my family and is more common with multiple gestation pregnancies, so I was feeling like the odds were stacked against me. However, I was not expecting to have other pregnancy complications that led my doctor to put me on strict bed rest! Everything had been going so smoothly, and I guess I was lulled into a false sense of complacency. Now we know the babies are at risk to come early, and of course we don't want that. They aren't developed enough yet; they need more time to cook!

So now I have to spend my day either lying on my side or reclining - anything but sitting up straight or standing. Let me tell you, it's very hard to do! I will never again wish for a day where I never get out of bed all day.

That being said, I was so bummed about this new reality because my doctor told me I couldn't leave the house to attend the baby shower my friends had planned for the following Saturday. She said the only way I could have the shower is if they brought it to my house, so I could lay on the couch and not overexert myself. She reminded me that the shower was no reason to risk my babies' health - and of course, she was right - but I was still sad about it.

Luckily my amazing friends and family were able to change plans instantly and bring the shower to my house on really short notice. It was so beautiful and fun! I asked them how they put it all together so I could share the details with you.

The first thing they did was pick the theme. Since we are having boy/girl twins, they didn't want anything gender specific. When we chose the January date, they decided to use the "Baby It's Cold Outside" theme. (Never mind that the weather this weekend was in the 70s... That's Texas for you. You never know what January weather will be!) The vibe they wanted for the party decor was "winter whimsical."

My best friend Kelsey found these beautiful invitations on Etsy. She knows how much I love watercolor paintings, so she thought it was perfect. I have to agree.

This etsy seller will customize the invitation with your information and then email you the PDF to print yourself. They printed them at Office Depot for a really affordable price (around $25 for 50 invitations) and then bought craft paper envelopes at Hobby Lobby.

The nice thing about this party theme is that you can easily repurpose winter-y Christmas decor. Since it isn't necessarily baby-themed, you can keep it and use it for future holidays. Since this was a January shower, it was perfect timing to raid the post-Christmas sales for winter trees, snowflakes, fun stuff like that. (I'll list sources at the end of this post.)

I felt very ridiculous just laying on the sofa watching them turn my house into a winter wonderland, but then again it was really fun to watch them do their thing. They made a great team!

One of the main spaces was the dining room. The menu was simple - cake, mimosas and punch - but the display was gorgeous! 

The party was focused in the formal living room, so they decorated my big cabinet as well. My mom found these adorable winter hats and mittens to make the cutest garland ever. Kelli had her friend make a custom chalkboard that I got to keep! One way we made everything look more winter-y is by replacing my colorful throw pillows with furry, textured pillows from my mom's house.

Kelsey ordered these huge initial balloons. Aren't they fun? Baby boy's name starts with an E and baby girl's name starts with an H. :)

The theme continued into the kitchen and den...

Kelli and Kelsey worked together to make these adorable party favors - a DIY salt scrub for bubble baths. The idea was "a relaxing bath to warm you up on a cold day." (This favor was super appropriate because I have been obsessed with baths during this pregnancy, which is really unusual for me.) Kelsey glittered the jars and Kelli made the salts. She used Epsom salt, coconut oil and orange and clove essential oils. I hoarded all the leftovers to try for myself!

The party decor went outside, too. Big green balloons helped people find our house, and the wreath was decorated with more winter baby gear. So sweet!

Wondering how I managed the bed rest situation while hosting guests? Well, it was strange. I propped myself up on the sofa and opened presents, never once getting up the entire time. I gave a lot of awkward hugs from my strange position and took a lot of unflattering photos. Ha! But the guests were so sweet and accommodating, and no one let me lift a finger.

It was a wonderful day after a not-so-great week where I was in and out of the hospital. I'm so grateful to my amazing hostesses – Kelsey and Kelli – and thankful for my mother and Judy, who both helped clean and decorate the house for the party. They made it happen! And to our friends who came over to celebrate the twins – thank you so much. It was a special day that I will never forget.

I will share the nursery very soon, I promise. We have so much organizing to do before I can take pictures, and I'm not allowed to stand up so poor husband has to do it all. Not the way I envisioned these last couple of months before babies, but it's a small discomfort and sacrifice for the health of our little nuggets. Can't wait to show you!

Balloons - BargainBalloons.com
Paper fan snowflakes, silver snowflakes, table runner - Oriental Trading
Paper decor in the den - Ikea
Favor jars - Amazing Honey Jars
Flowers - Sams
Winter hats/mittens - Dillards
LED trees - Restoration Hardware
Cake - Market Street (local grocery store)

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