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I wasn't feeling very inspired to decorate our home for Christmas this year. I don't know if it's because we're so distracted with other things going on in our life, but I decided to minimize our decorations and only display our very favorite things. So now our house is decorated for the holidays, but not quite as decorated as last year. And that's totally OK with me. I guarantee my husband doesn't remember how I decorated last year, so he's not losing sleep over it either. We still have two Christmas trees, so I don't think we'll be classified as Christmas minimalists any time soon.

And since I didn't go all out decorating the house, it felt weird to take photos and blog about it like I was doing something special, you know? So I didn't. But the good news is that other people are doing brilliant things and I figured I could point you toward those projects, just in case you are feeling uninspired like me!

Do you follow Orlando Soria on Instagram? You totally should. He's so funny. But he's also the West Coast Creative Director for Homepolish, which means he spends his days decorating and making things beautiful. He made one of the most creative Christmas trees I have ever seen - a 13-foot-tall golden pom pom tree. This is the kind of tree that simply forces you to have a Christmas party just so everyone can see your awesome tree. Get full details on the Homepolish blog.

Photo via Homepolish LA

Do you read House Beautiful magazine? It's been one of my favorites for a long time. The December/January issue features the most gorgeous log cabin I've seen in a long time. It's pretty much the opposite of Orlando's modern home above, but I love them both. Designer Thom Felicia never disappoints. Read his interview about the home.

Photo via House Beautiful

Jillian Harris (of Love it or List It 2 fame on HGTV) is another one of my favorite bloggers. She did a gorgeous holiday home for the Vancouver Home for the Holidays Tour (sneak peeks on her Instagram) and I'm hoping she'll do a full post about it. Meanwhile she shared some of her favorite holiday decor ideas. I'm loving the fairy LED lights in her centerpiece. I want some of those! I'm going to wait for the post-Christmas sales to see if I can get a good deal, though. They aren't cheap.

Photo via JillianHarris.com

Sometimes an image is all you need to be inspired. I practically drooled on my phone when I spotted this snap by Honestly WTF in my Instagram feed. I think it's the amazing mix of textures that really makes this photo the epitome of holiday cozy. I'd love for my home to have this vibe this time of year.

Photo via HonestlyWTF Instagram feed

Now this next blog post isn't holiday related, but it's inspiring nonetheless. Grace over at A Storied Style totally KILLED this bathroom makeover. Everything she does is so unique and fresh, and no detail is overlooked. Read the full details over at Domino.

Photo by Brian McWeeney Photography via A Storied Style

And before I wrap up this post, here are two quick snapshots of our holiday decor so you can see how I have two very different styles going on, as usual.

Over in the den, everything is warm and cozy with a lot of red accents. Our Pottery Barn stockings are hung by on the mantel (last Christmas before we have to add stockings for the twins - eek!) and I fancied up my Threshold wire stag head from Target with a boxwood wreath from Wisteria.

And over in the formal living room, things look completely different. I wanted this tree to match my existing color scheme in this room, so I kept everything blue and green. It was looking a little stark and cold because of all the cool color tones, so we added a bunch of gold ornaments and gold bead garland that really warmed it up. It coordinates pretty well with my pear painting, don't you think? Good thing I never tired of those colors!

Hopefully you're feeling slightly more inspired than I am this holiday, but if you're not -- don't feel bad! We can't do it all. Sometimes simplifying is the best policy, especially this time of year. After all, we are doing all of this to celebrate the birth of Jesus, not to win the contest for prettiest Christmas decor. When I remind myself the true focus of the holiday, I feel a lot less guilty about all of the boxes of holiday decor I left in the attic this year.

I hope you have a great week ahead! We're heading to the doctor tomorrow for our 21-week anatomy scan, and I can't wait to see the twins again. It's starting to feel very real as my belly grows and grows. I'll be back soon with more nursery projects! Meanwhile, follow the progress live on my Instagram.

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