It's a...

... boy! And a girl!

It's so funny how life works. I grew up with one brother, and I always thought having one of each would be perfect. Of course I never dreamed I would have them at the same time, but He is a better planner than me.

I'm 17 weeks along, but I'm already measuring 24 weeks. Our baby boy is measuring quite large (100 percentile for singletons), which I'm blaming on his father. He was a 10 lb. baby himself! Our baby girl is measuring at 55th percentile for singletons, which is right on track. I guess I'm doing a really amazing job eating everything in sight. It's all for the babies. *wink*

Now that we know the genders, we can really get started on the nursery. I haven't bought much just yet, but I've indulged in a couple of cute onesies because I just couldn't resist.

Like I said in my previous post, we have already purchased the cribs and the rocking chair. I've been hunting around for other big pieces like a rug and baby bedding, but it has been hard to zero in on exactly what I want.

I did start putting up my arrow decals, which I love!

It turns out I didn't order nearly enough, so I had to go buy a bunch more. I'm spending way more money than I thought I would on "stickers," as Scott calls them. I tried to tell them they were really "wallpaper" and therefore this was a decent price, but he didn't buy it. Then I just played the crazy-pregnant-lady-who-has-been-dreaming-about-a-baby-nursery-for-a-long-time card and he left me alone to order more decals. Smart man. 

We honestly haven't spent much time planning or working on baby things yet because the husband has been absorbed with football season. His last game is tonight, so his schedule will clear up and he'll have a lot more time to tackle projects. I have some pretty simple requests for him for this room (add a changing area to our existing dresser, add photo ledges to window seat area, paint dresser) that we're excited to get started on.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for baby bedding? I've done a lot of online searching, but it's proving hard to find what I had in mind at a decent price point. I really want vibrant colors and nothing too "precious" so that it doesn't scream boy or girl. I'd even take solid sheets if I could find decent colors! I'd love your suggestions.

I'll keep you posted as we make progress on the nursery. I'm off to continue eating everything in sight...

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