Wood (5-Year) Anniversary Gifts

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday (woohoo!) and we had a lot of fun buying little gifts for one another. We always stick to the traditional gifts, and the 5-year gift is wood.

I took the liberty to round up some of my favorite ideas, including all different budgets. Can you guess which ones I got for him? (It was much easier than last year's traditional gift, fruit!)

Wood Anniversary Gifts

Wood lamp
It may be made by a children's company, but it has grown up style.

Wooden Abstract iPhone 6 Case
This is a smidge more interesting than the average phone case.

California, Here We Come
Dreamy budget? Take a dreamy weekend trip to Hollywood! Talk about an awesome anniversary surprise.

Wooden Stump Table
They don't sell this table at West Elm anymore, but it's a perfect candidate for a DIY gift. And nothing's more romantic than something made with love. :)

Cutting Board with Removable Cutting Mats
Perhaps not the most romantic gift in the world, but it's so very practical and useful. I feel like any foodie could appreciate this gift. I am constantly wishing I had more cutting boards so I'd love this set.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle
I had to buy this for Scott because he's constantly drinking water and loves cool-looking water bottles. It promises to keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. So far he loves it!

Olive Wood Nesting Bowls
I'm a sucker for wooden bowls, and these are lovely and unique.

Trip to the Redwoods
Ok, so I thought of this present about two weeks ago and I'm so bummed I didn't think of it earlier! Wouldn't a weekend of "glamping" in the Redwoods be so awesome? I'm adding it to our future trips list when I have a little more time to plan.

DIY Modern House Numbers
This would be such a fun gift, especially if you recently bought a new home. It looks like a fairly simple DIY, too.

Apple Watch Stand & Charge Station
Married to a techie? How about this sleek and functional charging station? At $11 it's only a fraction of the cost you spent on the actual technology, so you'll be feeling good about that.

Dining Table
This beautiful table is sold out from HomeDecorators.com, but I included it in my roundup because it's just so darn beautiful. Sigh.

Wooden Wedding Band 
The husband has one very similar to this and he really loves it. The best part is that he hasn't run into anyone else with a wooden wedding band. It's only $30 - doesn't it look much pricier than that?

Sawdust Scented Man Can
These manly candles are awesome. They come in tons of scents, but of course the sawdust one is perfect for the wood anniversary. 

Amazing Wooden Art
I'm obsessed with artist Ariele Alasko. You simply must visit her website and peruse the awesome things she creates from the wooden walls of Brooklyn brownstones that have been remodeled. She has everything from salad forks to massive tables. It's pretty darn fantastic and could possibly be the Cadillac of unique wooden gifts!

I hope these give you some good ideas for your anniversary! I get a big kick out of rounding up presents. It fulfills my shopping urges without me actually spending much cash. Win/win!

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