Seeing Summer Better

Did you know that I'm legally blind? My vision has been bad since I was a little girl (thanks, Dad), and I truly can't function if I'm not wearing glasses or contacts. 

I wear contacts for about 95% of my waking hours, putting them in first thing and taking them out when I go to sleep. I got my first pair of contacts when I was in 6th grade because I played catcher for my softball team, and you can't wear glasses with the catching mask. I was only supposed to wear them for sports, but I was hooked. Once you realize how much you've been missing out on because you couldn't see, it's hard to go back! I remember coming home from the eye doctor with my contacts in and marveling at all of the individual leaves on the oak tree in front of our house. Before, all I had seen was a big green blob that I knew was a tree, but it was a whole new experience to see the details on the individual leaves.

While I do just fine with contacts, I've always struggled to find glasses that I like. I have a long, narrow face, and most frames stick out far to wide on my face. And since I have such a strong prescription, the lenses end up distorting the shape of my face in the areas where the glasses are too wide. It's not a good look! Couple that with the fact that I have a nose with a big bump on the bridge (the result of a few broken noses during my childhood sports career), let's just say it's really hard for me to find glasses - either prescription or sunglasses - that I like.

Anyway, when Warby Parker reached out to me about their #SeeSummerBetter campaign, I thought it was a great opportunity to see the latest in eyewear and see if I could actually find some glasses and/or sunglasses that are presentable. Plus my best friend has glasses from Warby Parker that look super cute on her so I've been dying to try some myself!

First I picked out my favorites based on our summer destinations with a little fantasy online shopping, and then I actually tried some on using the Home Try On program. Also, I realized I am painfully awkward at taking selfies. (More on that later.)

First up, I needed some shades for our Boston trip. Boston is hip and trendy but retains its classic, historical vibe, so I thought the Barkley shades were the right fit.

While we were in Boston, we made a day trip to the picturesque city of Newport, Rhode Island. That city is all about the grandeur of the Gilded Age, so I chose the June shades, which definitely have a glamorous, vintage feel.

Next we ferried over to Martha's Vineyard, which is basically where preppy clothing was invented. I thought the Madison shades suited the Vineyard quite nicely.

Lastly, we went to Nashville to visit family. Nashville is an all-American city with Southern charm, yet it has a bit of a rock star edge. I thought the Crossfield shades captured that ecclectic mix.

By this time I was itching to actually try some Warby Parker shades myself. I can only do so much online window shopping before I pull the trigger! The company's Home Try On program is a game changer because you can order up to 5 different frames, both sunglasses and eye glasses, and you have five days to try them out for free before deciding which you want. It's really very smart, and it makes choosing your favorite pair much easier when you can show them to your friends and family and get honest opinions.

My favorite part of the Warby Parker shopping experience is the fact that you can filter your options by width. I was able to select "narrow" and see which options might best fit my face. Granted, it eliminated a lot of the cutest options, but it was so much better than trying on 5 pairs and having every single one be too wide for my darn face!

And here is when I began taking awkward selfies. Ugh. It's embarrassing to post these photos, but I will do it for the sake of demonstration. I actually took these photos so I could try out the #WarbyHomeTryOn feature where you post it to social media with that hashtag and Warby Parker folks actually weigh in on which frames they think look best. For the record, they preferred the June and Stockton.

And lastly, Oliver

I even got some of the men's sunglasses for the husband to try on, but he refused to let me post his picture on the blog. Psssh. The mens' sunglasses were cool as well, but I guess you'll have to take my word for it. What a party pooper.

So I'm wondering, does anyone else have the same issues with glasses as me? Have you ever tried Warby Parker, or do you prefer the traditional route where you go in the store and try them on? 

Do you feel as silly as I do when you take selfies? Do you ever take a selfie and think, "Darn, that's what I actually look like?" Just me?

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