Moving, Traveling, Adjusting and Whatnot

Life has just been very full lately, which has led me to become a major slacker when it comes to blogging. Whoops.

First of all, my mom sold her house at the end of June. Hooray! But of course the buyers wanted to move in right away, so that set in motion a big family effort to help her get moved in with us.

We all know moving is a hugely stressful activity, but it's worse when it's 100 degrees outside and you have to get it all packed and moved and cleaned very quickly! My brother flew out to help, and the four of us - plus some amazing helpers from my mom's church - loaded a giant UHaul to the brim and drove it three hours to our house. I logged 22,000 thousand steps! Let's just say we all deserved the big Mountain Dew slurpees we drank at the end of the day.

The good news is, my mom's house is officially sold and she is settled in with us now. We gave her two of our guest rooms, and she is using one as her living room and one as her bedroom. It's the best we can do for a "mom cave" without knocking down walls or expanding our house. It's not totally ideal, but it's working pretty well so far. In between one of those rooms is our guest bathroom which she has always loved (well, ever since we renovated it), so it's working out pretty nicely. Her rooms are on the other side of the house from ours, so it's almost like she has her own wing of the house.

But let me back up a little bit. Before she ever moved in, we did some work to spruce up those two guest rooms. Neither room had received much attention since we moved in, so we decided to give both of them fresh coats of paint, new crown moulding, upgraded ceiling fans and recessing lighting. We even scraped off the old popcorn ceiling that was left in one of the closets and it's amazing how fresh and clean it looks now. Definitely worth it!

The first guest room went from a blah beige color to a bright, clean white - Pure White by Sherwin Williams. That's our go-to white paint for this house, since we have used it for practically everything else including baseboards, doors, kitchen cabinet, built-ins in the den, master closet, etc. Why fix something that's not broken, right? This room gets nice light, and I thought it would be really great to give her a blank canvas that she could decorate for herself. (She LOVES to decorate, probably more than I do. Imagine that!)

This photo, taken after I gave the room a mini-makeover, shows the previous wall color:

Here's a progress shot, complete with new paint, recessed lights and crown moulding.

Since she was moving in, we needed to clear out those rooms. The only thing we kept was the mattress and box spring for the queen bed; everything else was sold through a buy/sell/trade Facebook page for our local community. (We've decided we like that better than Craigslist.) Basically everything you see in those above photos is gone. Goodbye, map dresser. I'll miss you!

Even though my mom is only living with us temporarily while she settles in this area and finds her own place, I still wanted to purge all of our old stuff instead of just putting it in storage. I figure that gives me an excuse to decorate these rooms anew when she moves out, which will be much more fun than moving my old stuff back in. I love shopping for new treasures, and you must get rid of the old to make room for the new!

Our other guest room was this deep blue/green color, and I'm pretty happy it's gone! Granted, it was better than the pink and green we inherited, but the room was too small and dark.

 We painted it Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, which is a color we have used throughout our entire house. It's a big improvement and definitely gives her the flexibility to decorate this room with any color scheme she wants. I snapped this photo with my phone after we painted it to show my mom how much brighter it was:

I don't have final photos yet because my mom made me promise to let her finish unpacking before I took "after" photos, but I did snap this shot of her cozy living area when she was somewhat situated. She still needs to do the finishing touches, she says. I'll be sure to share on the blog!

One of the other cool things that happened when my mom moved in is that we decided to incorporate some of her favorite furniture pieces into our formal living room. The part of our living room that used to look like this...

... now looks like this:

I love it! The cabinet, woven chair, upholstered chair and lamp all belong to my mom. I think my living room got a major upgrade when she moved in. The chest of drawers was moved into her living room, and the blue chairs were sold (single tear*). Scott always hated them and was so thrilled to see them go. I was happy that we found someone who liked mid century furniture and had big plans to reupholster them, like I always said I would do. At least they found a good home!


In other news, our workout room is still a work-in-progress (kind of like my body, which is why the elliptical looks so dusty and unused- ha!). We did take some time to hang up our sports memories, though. We each get a wall to relive our glory years. Now we can chug away on the elliptical and remember our college athlete days. Oh, to be 21 and working out three hours a day again! 

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember that Grantham sign. Our friends found it for us at the flea market! Isn't that cool? (Grantham is our last name, if you didn't know.)


I think this blog post is a little long, so it's probably time to wrap it up. That's what happens when I miss a month of blogging - I have way too much to say all at once. I'm planning to get back to blogging more regularly now that life is starting to settle back down a little bit. Phew.

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