DIY: Make a Mirror from a Vintage Window

I want to thank you for your kind words after my dad's passing. We're putting the pieces back together over here, but it's a slow process. Grief is definitely something I've learned to take one day at a time.

When I was thinking about my first blog back, it was a simple decision. This is a project about a window my parents bought me in Round Top, which was the last weekend I spent with my dad. I will always cherish that trip and the memories we made - including my sweet dad carefully shlepping this vintage window all the way back to the car for me. Even though sifting through old junk wasn't really my dad's idea of a great time (he would much rather be watching basketball or playing golf), there was no place he would rather be because he loved to spend time with his family. He would have hunted junk with me for as long as I wanted him to...

As for this project, it was really pretty simple. The hardest part was finding the most affordable way to buy a piece of mirror that was exactly the same size as our window pane. The husband did his due diligence and found out that Lowe's was way cheaper than custom glass stores. He bought a standard size piece of mirror (24x30) and had them cut it to our specific size, which they will do free of charge. Piece of cake!

The grossest part of this project was cleaning the window. It was old and d-i-r-t-y! I used Windex and a small steel wool brush, being careful not to damage the window.

Let's just say, many paper towels were used. #grimy

Once the window was clean, it was time to add the mirror to the back. First we removed the window jambs - once again being very careful because it's a vintage window and the jambs were a little fragile. Where the jambs once were, we ran a thin line of clear silicone all the way around the glass edge of the window.

The mirror was then placed on top of that silicone, behind the glass window pane.Another line of silicone was added behind the mirror.

Then we took it out to the garage to reattach the window jambs. He nailed them into the window frame for extra assurance that everything was solid and sturdy.

That's it! So simple, right? Our kitchen can come across as a little cold because it has so much gray, white and silver, so I love how this rustic mirror really warms it up.

The best part is that I spend a lot of time at this sink each day, and it will always be a sweet reminder of the last weekend I spent with my dad. <3

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