DIY Heart Shoes

These shoes are one of my favorite DIY projects of all time, and they took all of 2 minutes.

Let me start with my inspiration. I have had these cheeky, fun flats by Jeffrey Campbell on my Pinterest wishlist for more than a year now. I was walking through the aisles of Joann Fabric trying to get some creativity flowing, and I saw these heart appliques. They immediately reminded me of the cute flats I pinned so long ago, and I knew they would be perfect for my next DIY project.

Luckily for me there is an Old Navy right next to the Joann Fabrics, so I walked right over there to see if I could find a cute pair of flats. One $22 pair of sueded pointed flats (marked down to $13 with my 40% off coupon) later, I was ready to make some cute shoes!

Here's what you need:

1 pair of flats
2 heart applique patches
E600 shoe glue

This project has one step: Glue heart to shoe. I mean, how easy is that?!

If you want slightly more specific instructions, I used a paint brush to put glue on both the front of the shoe and the back of the heart applique. I let them sit for two minutes just like the E6000 glue instructions tell you to do, and then I stuck the heart on the front of each shoe. It's as simple as that!

If you want to add another super cute touch, you can glue these tiny heart appliques on the back.

Obviously these shoes are great for Valentine's Day, but I plan to wear them year round. I like to add a little bit of fun to my boring outfits, and these flats are just the trick!

I could never be a fashion blogger. I'm so awkward when I have my photo taken, especially when the photographer is my sweet husband who would have much rather been watching the Super Bowl pregame show than taking pictures of my feet.

Fair warning: I totally got carried away with these heart appliques this weekend. I'll be back with another post later this week to show you what else I made with these cute patches!

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