Printing & Displaying Instagram Photos

For the first time in what feels like years, I actually printed some photos. Specifically, I printed Instagram photos to hang up in our house.

I love Instagram, and I post photos all the time (@jordang106). And while it's fun to just scan my feed and look back at the fun memories I've captured on camera, it's even more fun to print them out and actually put them up around the house. So I finally took the plunge in what seemed like the easiest way possible: using the Walgreens photo app. It took me about five minutes to download the app and select the photos I wanted to make into 4x4" prints, and I picked them up an hour later.

Of course there are a ton of ways to print Instagrams, but I am a longtime Walgreens photo customer so it was just a default for me to use their app. Plus my local Walgreens offers one-hour printing and is a block from my house. It was a no-brainer for a lazy girl like me!

I printed out about 50 photos, so the next task was to figure out how I wanted to display them in the house. I wanted them to be easy to switch out, so I opted not to frame any prints. Instead I used three similar (but slightly different) methods to show off the photos.

First up, my home office/art studio. There is a lot going on in this room, but I don't care! It's my creative space and I'm all about creative stimulation. I've been carrying around the wire photo display system from Ikea for about four years now, and I'm finally putting it to use. (I checked the Ikea website, but I don't think they sell it anymore.)

We strung it along the top of the wall that I face when I sit at my desk. I chose that placement because 1) these photos remind me of my favorite people and places, so it's fun to see them from where I work, and 2) this wall is the least visible from the rest of the house, so my photo display is not cluttering up the line of sight from any other room.

The other two displays were super simple. I already had this small clothespin photo display (Pier 1) in our kitchen, so I took down all of the coupons and random items I had clipped to it and added the new prints instead.

Then I took the last bunch of photos to the laundry room and strung them in front of our flea market window/dry erase calendar.

The photos are like a little jolt of happy as we head into the new year. Such a simple project, too. Those are the best kind.

Have you ever printed Instagrams? Who is your favorite vendor?

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