Easiest DIY Ever: Peace on Earth

How's this for incredibly easy holiday decor? I spent about one minute applying these letter stickers to my globe. Now my office has a subtle holiday touch!

The best part is, you can spin her around for a totally different message.

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing holiday! We are recovering from both the stomach flu and a sinus infection, but we're almost back to full speed. We have a very low key Christmas ahead, and I'm grateful for the rest and recovery time. Work has been so crazy lately, so I'm hugely grateful to have some time off to recharge.

I'm feeling very sentimental lately and am very appreciative for those of you who read this blog. You're the best! *tear*

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  1. May you and Scott have a blessed Christmas. Hope you both are feeling better. In your office, I didn't remember how cool the ceiling is. I will have to look back to see how you did this. I still enjoy reading your blog, Jordan. I think I'm kind of "blogged out, " after YHL went down. But I still enjoy a select few, and you happen to be one of them! Did you do a table for your women's event at church this year? I always like to see what you come up with, since I am involved in an event at our church similar to this. I am also ready to also relax and have some low-key time after the busyness of the last month. God bless you!


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