Guest Room Makeover Plans

So we have this cute little guest bedroom that really deserves some attention. It's the same beige it was when we bought the house, and the furniture is a total hodgepodge of random things we have collected over the years.

Even though I'm not too keen on the beige color of the walls, I don't want to paint it. I need to embrace the beige and make it look like I actually chose that color. My goal for this weekend is to whip this room into its cutest self without actually spending any money. I love a challenge!

One thing I did buy a while ago is this cute, chunky wooden bed from the thrift store for $40.

We have since painted the bed a better color, but you'll have to check my next post to see how it turned out!

Here are some of the other random items I'm thinking about using in the room:

Guest Room Plans

We have company coming next weekend, so I'll be trying to get it ready to go before then. Sometimes I need a hard deadline to really get my butt in gear!

What do you have going on this weekend? Do you have any idea for my beige box of a guest room?

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