Guest Bedroom Makeover for $7.48

Happy Monday, folks! Our weekend was very relaxing, yet productive. I made it my mission to give our guest bedroom a makeover, and by golly I did it. Well, we did it – the husband did help a little.

When we left off on Friday, we had a beige guest room with the essential pieces: a bed, a nightstand and a dresser.

And here's how it looks today!

My goal was to shop my own house and give it a fresh new look without spending any money. I came really close, but I ended up spending $7.48 for that lampshade by the bed. (At least it was on sale!)

Though I wasn't in love with the beige color chosen by the previous owners, I needed to embrace it for this project. We hope to eventually use this room as a nursery, so we don't want to bother painting it now only to repaint it sometime down the line.

The bed is a $40 thrift store find I picked up a month or two ago, and we painted it one of my favorite colors – Valspar Hematite. That's also the color of our front door, master bedroom dresser and outdoor shutters. It's one of those colors that looks good on anything. It's a really dark grey with a hint of navy blue. I like how it gives a strong contrast against the beige walls without being quite as harsh as black. Not only did I already have the paint (free!), but it helps tie the house together when you use the same color in various ways.

Before this mini makeover, the room was sort of a storage space for all my extra junk. I had a hod podge of random pieces in there that really needed help to look right together.

 With some DIY art on the walls and some junk removed from the room, I'm loving the new space.

After painting the bed, I started by trying to figure out what to do with the walls. I really wanted the wall behind the bed to be the focal point, but I didn't have a standout art piece for that spot. I thought about hand-painting some pattern on the wall, but I didn't want anything too permanent. (Plus I bet it's a huge pain to paint over a pattern. You probably need multiple coats of primer just to even it out, and I'm far too lazy for that!)

In the end, I was inspired by one of my past projects – DIY paper wall flowers – to use paper arrows to add some interest to my wall. It's literally as simple as cutting out a shape and taping it to the wall. It's perfect if you are renting or are noncommittal like me – if I tired of them I can just take them down with zero hassle!

The room was instantly less boring as soon as that wall was finished. That's what you see when you look into this room from the rest of the house, and I think it's such a charming view.

As for the other walls, I decided to raid my storage closet for some free large frames. My employer moved into a new building in January, and they were going to throw away all of the art and frames that were hanging in the old building. You know I couldn't allow that! They were tossing out fancy, heavy-duty professional frames with nice mats and glass. I took as many as I could fit in my car and have been hoarding them in a hall closet ever since. Both frames were silver, but we spray painted them gold to match the thrifted lamps in this room.

I didn't have any art, so I created my own. The simple "rest" poster above the map chest was inspired by this huge, simple painting I saw on Pinterest. I really want our guests to feel relaxed when they come to visit– like they are on vacation– so what better word than "rest" for the guest room art?

I originally wanted the "rest" poster to just be the text with no embellishment, but when I was painting it I got some black paint on the heel of my hand and smudged it below the word rest. Not wanting to give up on the whole painting, I improvised and added some cute dots around the word to cover up my mistake. Sometimes you just have to make it work, as Tim Gunn would say!

I knew the lamp would be in the bottom left portion of the poster, so I purposely made the text asymmetrical and put it near the right side. Even though it's not balanced on the canvas, the whole vignette feels balanced because they are opposites.

The painting on the other side of the room was inspired by one of my favorite songs, Oceans by Hillsong United.  (It's SUCH a beautiful song.) This one is a mix of watercolor, sharpie and paint pen.

I already had these cute frames from Target, so I framed a few prints from my favorite artist, Gustav Klimt. I bought a booklet full of photos of his artwork last year and cut out these small pieces to fit the frames. I like how they balance out the modern "rest" poster with something a bit more traditional.

Since it is a guest room, we wanted to make sure it was really functional. We spray painted some silver hooks to give the guests a place to hang clothes or purses, much like the hooks I use to plan my outfits in our master bathroom.

The tray on the chest contains a few essentials for our guests, including two water bottles, a candle and some toiletries (just in case they forgot something).

The nightstand has more water, two glasses and a short note that contains essential info for our home (garage code, wifi information and how to turn on our overly-complicated TV).

To make our guests feel at home, I hung a simple piece of ribbon with clothespins to create a photo strip. Now I can switch out the photos depending on who is visiting and make the room feel more personal for them.

The bedding is a mix of stuff we had around the house. Somehow it looks OK piled together, don't you think? I wouldn't think beige and grey would work so well together, but the golden/beige tones really warm up the grey and make it feel comfy.

Overall, I'm pretty thrilled with how much better this room looks after just a small amount of effort:

Here are all the sources, just in case you're wondering:

Bed: thrifted
Bedding: Target (comforter and shams), Marshalls (dotted blanket and diamond sheets)
Throw pillows: Pier 1
Nightstand: thrifted
Lamps: thrifted
Lampshades: Target
White frames: Target
Golden frames and artwork: thrifted/DIY
Map chest: one of my favorite bargains ever, from Wisteria
Stool: thrifted
Boxwood wreath: Wisteria
Cowhide rug: flea market
Small throw rug: thrifted

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  1. Good job, Jordan. The bed now being that prefect gray anchors the room. The wall treatment is clever and current. I love the dresser and lamps. Your artwork and other touches make it welcoming and fresh. And to do it on the cheap is even better!

    1. Thanks Sherri! I've had those lamps so long - one of my old thrift store finds - and it's nice to finally put some lampshades on and put them to good use.

  2. This makeover looks awesome!! and in a budget!! love the small arrows in the wall.



    1. Thanks Jana! Appreciate your visit to my blog.

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