DIY Painted Door Mat Part II

Remember when my best friend Kelsey and I painted a welcome mat for her apartment? Well, I decided to do a slightly different version for our back door as part of our recent home office makeover.

By the way, we totally won the Renu Challenge room makeover contest with our home office/art studio makeover! We get $500 to spend in the Leviton store, but we haven't decided what to buy just yet. My nerdy electrical/audio obsessed husband is super excited about this prize and is carefully considering what he wants to purchase with our prize money.

Instead of doing a stencil like the previous version, I just took a paintbrush and used acrylic paint to paint "grateful" freehand on my plain door mat from Ikea. Of course it's the perfect word for the fall season, but it's a very special word for me all year round. I guess you could call it my mantra; I try to remind myself to be grateful for my blessings whenever I am feeling down. 

Every time I shower, I use my finger to write "grateful" in the condensation of the glass shower door; that's how often I think about this particular word! I always write it in the same spot and with the exact same handwriting, so I tried to imitate that as closely as possible when I painted this mat. So as simple as this rug looks, it is very personal to me – which is exactly what I wanted in this room that is "my" space. Every item in this room is tailored to me and my personality, even down to the door mat.

I never thought I would talk about my showering habits on this blog, but you just never know where this thing is going to go... 

You can catch a glimpse of the original painted mat in this picture from the office makeover, but the plain white paint didn't seem finished. It was hard to get a straight edge with the texture of the rug and my paintbrush, so I wanted to figure out a way to make my handpainted work look more polished.

My solution? Only the greatest crafting invention of all time: puffy paint! I found some neon pink puffy paint in my stash (which was actually the only puffy paint I own; quite a travesty) and used it to outline the word. So much better! I love how the hot pink paint gives it a pop of color and a smidge more personality, too.

 This is such a simple project, and it's really affordable. You could customize your welcome mat for all the seasons and holidays or even just paint your family monogram or favorite word. I love the possibilities!

This is just a small part of the fall decorating happening around here. I'll be back soon with a full "fall home tour" like I did last year. I love decorating for my favorite season!

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