DIY Tissue Tassels: How to Make Balloons Extra Special

Have you ever heard of Geronimo Balloons? The brainchild of LA designer Jihan Zencirli, Geronimo Balloons delivers fabulous, frilly, whimsical and downright charming balloons all over the the U.S. and abroad. (Follow Geronimo on Instagram; I highly recommend it!) You can even buy her balloons through Anthropologie's BHLDN website.

Anyway, we were inspired by their stunning balloon creations to add our own spin to the 36 inch balloons I ordered from BargainBalloons.com for our "Ready to Pop" baby shower. Doesn't the fringe make the balloon about a million times more festive?

I wish I had taken pictures of the process, but we were frantically finishing up the party prep and didn't have time! But I promise it was very simple, and anyone can add this simple flourish to balloons to make someone feel extra special. 

I pretty much followed this tutorial, using my exacto knife to cut the tissue paper in thin strips. Instead of twisting it at the top, I wrapped it around the balloon string and secured it with tape. It's that simple!

I bought the various shades of pink tissue paper in the wrapping section at Target. It all came in one pack, so it was a piece of cake to create that ombré effect with the tassels. To make it easy on yourself, start at the bottom layer and work your way up the string to the base of the balloon.

Then we made the baby momma pose with her cute little bump and balloon after the party, of course!

And because we're total goobers, we frolicked with the balloons a little bit more for an impromptu photoshoot. Your best friend must be one who is willing to embarrass herself with you. That's my #1 requirement! (The kids playing in our neighborhood were totally looking at us like we were nuts.)

The next time you're throwing a party, you definitely need some balloon tassels. I bet children would go nuts for these at a birthday party! Or you can give one to your coworker for her birthday just to make her office/cubicle/workspace a little happier. You know it would be a conversation starter at the office!

That's the best word to describe these balloons: HAPPY!

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