DIY Letter Bookshelf

This is one of my favorite projects yet! I absolutely love bookshelves and I collect the letter "G," so this new addition to my home office/art studio is a match made in heaven for me.

 Let me start at the beginning. They were tearing down the Piggly Wiggly grocery store near my parents' house, and somehow they got their hands on this huge G for me.

We happened to be on a road trip when they gave it to me, so I had a few hours of car time to peruse Pinterest and come up with a plan for this giant G. Because it's so big, I knew I could only place it in a few different places in my house. That narrowed my options, unless I did something completely out of the box. (I did love Bri and Bonnie's Facebook suggestion to turn it into a table, but I didn't have the perfect spot for that.)

I saw some unique bookcases on Pinterest that inspired me to convert mine into a functional piece of art for my home office/art studio. It was a perfect project for the husband to take on before he went back to work last week. (Goodbye, summer vacation.)

We started by cleaning out everything from the inside of the G, which included all of the complicated wiring for this neon letter. Once we had a clean slate, we decided to use some 1/2 inch plywood we already had to craft some shelves on the inside.

Once the shelves were cut to size, he cut small slivers of the plywood to serve as supports for each shelf.

He screwed in the supports from the side and then used his nail gun to tack the wood shelves down into the small supports.

Once the shelves were in place, he caulked the line where the shelves met the metal frame so that it would be ready to be painted. (I didn't get a photo of that step.)

I wanted to keep the original, roughed up paint on the outside because I liked how it gave the letter more character. However, the inside paint was yucky and formerly unseen under the original red cover, so I wanted to paint it. I used magazine pages and painters' tape to cover up the outside so we could use our Graco paint sprayer to make quick work of that paint project.

 Pretty soon the G became the crowning glory of my office, right next to my newly-discovered Milo Baughman chair!

This was one of those occasions where I wish we had more books so I could do a better job filling up the bookshelf, but this is all we have for now. (The husband has strong negative feelings about my book-hoarding tendencies.) Now I have a great reason to work on my book collection!

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  1. You two did an amazing job on this project! Somehow it makes the chair look newer. I knew you would think of something great to do with it!

    1. That's weird, it does pep up the chair a little bit! Good eye.

  2. This is absolutely fabulous! What a great project and I love that you kept the original paint on the exterior - adds a Lot of character!

    1. Thanks Lenabena! Glad you like it.

  3. That looks awesome there. What a clever idea to make a bookcase out of the letter. And the chair just complements it and adds to the charm. I was thinking it would look cool with some of those light bulbs they use on letters. Had you thought about that?

  4. it's the perfect accent for the chair.. unbelievable how they match so well.. that was a top-notch idea to create a wall unit..perfect example of thinking outside the box!

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