Clearing the Air

Have you ever seen an attractive air purifier?

Me either.

But then I saw this air purifier – the Aprilaire 2275 – at Westside Wholesale and was smitten with how it resembles a vintage speaker.

I mean, which one is more appealing? It's a pretty easy decision...

Air Purifier

It was about $100 less on Westside Wholesale than any other site when I googled the model number. I always check with an online search before I buy anything to find the best price! 

This is the first time we've owned an air purifier. We wanted to try it out because we noticed we wake up really congested and figured our bedroom could benefit from having cleaner air. I'm pretty sure we are creating our own problems by letting our dogs sleep in the same room as us. There is probably an insane dog hair situation in our room, but we can't bear to banish them away. At least we don't let them sleep in the bed!

We don't have a lot of floor space in our room, so we tucked it next to our dresser. 

We've been using this air purifier for about a month now, and we've certainly noticed some slight differences. We seem to be slightly less congested when we wake up, and our room hasn't collected as much dust.

I was surprised that it makes a subtle humming noise while it runs. At first I was worried about that because I'm such a light sleeper, but I actually love it. The white noise is very peaceful and actually helps me achieve a deeper sleep.

Have you ever tried an air purifier? Do you believe they help with allergies? I'm such a rookie with these machines that I would like to hear about your experience. I'm so tired of waking up with congestion and would love to know your tricks!

PS. Did you decorate for the 4th of July? I waited until the actual holiday to throw up a few decorations at the last minute. We had a low key cookout at our house with another couple and went up to the husband's football stadium to watch a panoramic view of the various firework shows going on around Dallas/Fort Worth. It ended up being super fun! Check out our decorations (and my DIY denim cutoffs) on my Facebook page.

PSS. I got a sweet new "G"  for $10 at the flea market yesterday! Now I just need to decide where to put it...
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