Randoms & Happy Weekend

Sometimes I dream about being really wealthy– an heiress, preferably– so I wouldn't need to work. I would go to the gym every morning, dedicate my time to volunteering with charitable causes, treat myself to weekly blowouts and manicures, have a personal chef cook all my meals... It would be fabulously stress-free.

And then I wake up. And I make my own breakfast.

Anyway, weeks like the one I've had make me wish I were an heiress sipping on a skinny margarita at one of my seven vacation homes. But I'm not, and I'm so busy at the office that I've been working all sorts of overtime to stay afloat. May and June are our busiest months, and I will be grinding is out for the next six weeks. Wish me luck!

Gemma Correll

And please forgive me for being a less consistent blogger than I used to be. Blogging is a just a hobby for me, and my real job has to take priority. We have to be able to pay for these home projects, you know?!

Anyway, I wanted to pop in today to share a few links that have really caught my eye this week. I have some fun projects on tap this weekend, so I'll be back next week with new DIYs and a big home improvement reveal!

• Erin from House of Earnest shows us how to make alphabet pasta look chic.

• How to pull yourself out of a funk courtesy of Cup of Jo. I needed to read this today.

• I'm having a crafternoon with my bestie this weekend to DIY these JCrew sandals. You should, too!

I've been trying the oil pulling trend. The texture is bizarre, but I do feel like my teeth are cleaner and brighter. Which is convenient because my work situation has resulted in me drinking a lot more coffee. I like to think they are counteracting one another.

• Love this Entertainment Weekly interview between Mindy Kaling and Billy Crystal. I love the behind-the-scenes tidbits from When Harry Met Sally. Now I want to watch that movie again this weekend. Such a classic!

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