DIY Marni Jeweled Sandals

These Marni sandals have been setting Pinterest-loving hearts aflutter. Quite frankly, the ridiculous price makes me have a minor heart attack. Somehow the Marni version makes these
 J Crew beauties look mildly affordable, but I am still not the type to pay $200 for sandals. When I saw this awesome DIY knockoff by Grace over at Stripes & Sequins, and I knew I had to do it!

I recruited my best friend for a leisurely crafternoon, and we got started. Our canvas? These $20 Target sandals (currently on sale for $15 online).

We went for two separate looks; She used jewels from Michael's while I repurposed a turquoise necklace I already had. I happen to LOVE wearing turquoise jewelry in the summer, so I know I'll get a lot of wear out of these.

It's as simple as you think. Glue on your jewels with E6000® Craft Adhesive and wait for them to dry. I mean, how cute are our new sandals?!

Try it yourself! It's a fun, easy DIY that's perfect for summer. Your feet deserve to sparkle. :)

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