The "Almost" Phase

I wish I had some beautiful room reveals to show you today, but everything is almost done. I hate the "almost" phase, and it feels like we have been in this phase for weeks!

Here's the good news. I suddenly have company coming this weekend, so you KNOW I am going to finish everything by Friday. (There is nothing like a house guest to get my butt in gear!) My family's beloved Florida Gators have made the Final 4 right here in North Texas, so my family members are flying in for the game. I appreciate the little extra push to get through the "almost" phase and into the done-done-done-DONE phase.

I have a couple of progress updates, though. First, the kitchen! The cabinets are completely painted, and we did end up painting the back of the top shelf as well. Thank you to everyone who weighed in on that debate on the blog, Facebook and Instagram! Seriously, the best part about having a blog is indulging my inner decorating nerd with a bunch of other decorating nerds I've never even met. It's pretty fantastic. Here's a progress shot from the weekend:

We picked up the glass for the cabinet doors today (final tab: $85), and the husband is working on installing them in the cabinets as we speak. The silicone will have to dry overnight, so we won't be able to reattach them until tomorrow evening. I can't wait for that!

Meanwhile, I am absolutely loving the hardware and new hinges. Everything feels so fresh and new.

Now, the guest bathroom. I am loving the changes in this room, but it's coming along slowly. We had a plumber come out to adjust the pipes because the sinks are now in the different place. He didn't do a very good job, so now his boss has to come out tomorrow to fix his mistakes. I hate it when you pay to have work done instead of doing it yourself, and then they don't even do it right. Totally frustrating. Of course, I'll be grateful once his boss comes and gets everything squared away properly.

We installed the new toilet over the weekend. (This is our go-to toilet.)

One of the reasons this bathroom is taking a long time is because it involves a lot of details. For example, we needed to cut out the brand new baseboards to make the new vanity fit snugly against the wall.

This photo shows the notches he cut out of the baseboard and chair rail so that the vanity would fit perfectly. We also installed the piece of trim above the penny tile to finish that off, although we haven't been able to caulk and touch up the paint on the nail holes yet.

We are switching out all the PVC plumbing for chrome since it will now be exposed under the vanity.

So what else is happening? Well, we've been upgrading the beige trim in the rest of the house to Sherwin Williams Pure White. It looks so much better!

We also bought new doorknobs to replace the cheap gold ones the house had when we bought it. We went with this Schlage Georgian Door with Decorative Addison Rose knobset from Build.com because I fell in love with the rectangular back plates.We shopped around on these for quite a while, but in the end I want to spend a few extra dollars on each to get that added personality.

So, this is how we're looking in the almost phase. I can't wait to speed ahead and be done with these projects so I can put the house back in order, but I think the Almighty is working on my patience. He always seems to slow me down when I want to go full speed ahead. But He's way smarter than me, so I'm totally OK with it!

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