Reveal: Guest Bathroom Makeover

We are finally finished with the guest bathroom renovation! It's my favorite bathroom project we've ever done, and every little DIY headache we encountered throughout the process was totally worth it.

Are you ready for a really long blog post? I have a lot of details to divulge, so I'll get right to it! You remember our plans, right?

Guest Bathroom Plans 2

And before we see the good stuff, let's remember where we started!

And here we are now:

Much better, right?

This bathroom was a doozy. First, we tore out the former vanity (three 27" cabinets) and ripped out the tile floor. 

Then we put in this carrara marble-looking porcelain tile from Floor & Decor. Like the real deal but much, much more affordable. 

See that yucky moldy section behind the former toilet? We replaced that with fresh new drywall. 

Once the floor was grouted and sealed, the husband added bead board behind the former vanities to match the opposite side. Then we added the penny tile accent strip above the bead board, and I was the official grouter for this project.

After that was finished, we added a strip of moulding above the penny tile, added taller baseboards and cut notches in the chair rail and baseboards to fit the vanity perfectly.

This is when we began the plumbing fiasco. Because the new vanity was not the same size as the cabinets we had there before, we had to adjust the plumbing to curve in toward the new sinks. It proved to be a tricky situation, so we decided to hire professional plumbers to make sure it was done correctly.

Unfortunately, the plumber didn't do his job correctly. We ended up having to call his boss the next day to tell him the plumbing was leaking. The boss came out himself (at 8 p.m. at night, poor guy), and unfortunately the previous plumbing work was done so poorly that he had to remove the bead board and drywall behind the sinks (that we had just cut to size, painted and installed!) to fix the problem.

Long story short, the plumbing finally got fixed, but not before it set us back about 5 days of work! It was pretty frustrating.

I should mention that while we worked on the plumbing, we chose to replace the PVC plumbing with chrome since it would be visible from certain angles in the bathroom.

Once the plumbing was finished, the husband had to make cuts into the second shelf on the vanity so that the vanity would fit perfectly around the plumbing.

He also stained the inside of the cuts to match the wood perfectly. He's very detail-oriented, that  husband of mine!

Since the sinks were no longer in the same place, we also had to relocate the mirrors and lights above the mirrors. Naturally, that left holes in the wall where the lights used to be, so we had to patch that up.

(Would this project NEVER end?!)

Then we installed the brand new toilet.

Finally, it was time for the fun stuff! I wanted some vintage-y hooks to hang on the wall opposite the sinks, but I couldn't find any in the style I wanted for a decent price. I ended up taking some off of this $16 set of wall hooks at HomeGoods. (This was a huge bargain because I found some very similar hooks at World Market for $10 a pop!)

I completed the scheme with two pieces of art from Jones Design Company. The "Give Thanks" print hangs above the toilet (complete with DIY polka dot mat), and the pear art hangs above the hand towel. 

How about one more bathroom before and after, just for fun?!

Phew! It feels SO great to cross that project off our list. What do you think?

If you have any questions, hit me up in the comment section!

As always, thanks for reading. :)

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  1. Looks beautiful - so sorry about the plumbing fiasco! Hum...hiring professionals to ensure it's done right doesn't always work I guess. I always think they should give you your money back, but that never happens!

    1. I know, right? We were on the fence about whether to hire professionals in the first place, and this only reinforced our hesitancy to do so in the future. If someone's going to mess it up, it might as well be me (for free)! Haha.

  2. Everything looks amazing. What a challenging project. How cool is that vanity and the porcelain tile! Such a clean, fresh, and modern vibe. Quite a transformation. Hopefully, you can take a little break and relax. But knowing you guys, it won't be for long!

    1. Thank you Sherri! I am definitely hoping for a little break. At least, a break from the major projects. I'm game to do some smaller ones that aren't so messy and time consuming!

  3. Love the new look! So clean and fresh, just what you want in a bathroom. Great job you two! Your guests will love it, I'm sure.

    1. Thanks JDB! The bathroom has gotten two thumbs up from our guests so far, and we have more coming this weekend!

  4. Just in case you check comments two years later....how do you like your tile on your floors? We want to replace our bathroom tile because it is plain white and every single thing that lands on the floor is super visible. If I blow dry my hair it looks like half my hair ended up on the floor. So gross! I'm looking for a light colored tile with a bit of a pattern to it so that things are a bit more camouflaged. Any input about your tile would be great! Thanks!

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