DIY Easter: Realistic Robin Eggs & Colorful Watercolor Eggs

With Easter approaching quickly, I was planning to hard boil a bunch of eggs so I could try different decorating techniques. But then I saw these awesome faux eggs at Hobby Lobby and couldn't resist the idea. If I'm going to spend time painting these little eggs, they might as well last longer than the hard boiled variety!

They sell each egg for $1.69, which I think is a decent price for an extremely realistic fake egg. When you think about using them year after year, that $1.69 price tag seems pretty reasonable. You can find them in the section where they keep the plain items you can paint yourself, back by the t-shirts and cardboard letters. Bonus points to Hobby Lobby for selling them in an actual egg carton!

I bought myself a dozen eggs and decided to split them up so I could try two different painting styles.

First up, the realistic robin egg:

I mixed up two similar colors of light blue acrylic craft paint (Sea Lavender by Martha Stewart and Robins Egg Blue by Craft Smart) and painted each egg. You can use just one color, but I think the mix gives it more depth and a realistic look.

Once they were dry, I took a small paint brush and dabbed on small dots of brown paint all over each egg. It's important to do the dots randomly because you don't want them to be perfectly spaced out like polka dots. Try to paint the dots in different shapes and thickness; I think that's the key to making it look like a real robin egg.

I decided to display my eggs in this crystal tealight candle holder. It was the perfect size and shape for my six eggs! It would be a chic and minimal centerpiece for Easter brunch, don't you think?

Not bad, right? 

Once those were finished, I decided to try something totally different with my last six eggs. I wanted bright colors done in a modern way, so I figured I would try a watercolor treatment. 

I have a simple set of watercolors meant for an elementary school aged child, but I love them even more than my fancy watercolors. The paint doesn't bleed as well into each color on an egg like it would on watercolor paper, but I still think it produced a really pretty look. 

So, have you decorated any eggs this year? I'd love to hear what techniques you used!

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