To Bevel or Not Bevel?

Two important kitchen questions today:

1) Should we carry the dark cabinet backs all the way to the top? 
I was planning to keep the wooden cabinet doors on those top cabinets, while the doors in front of the dark shelves will have glass doors. I was texting my mom photos of the progress, and she suggested taking the color all the way up to the small cabinets above the dark shelves. I think it's a great idea for taking the eye all the way up. However, it adds some hassle at this point because we were thought we were done painting the kitchen, and that would mean we have to spend more time and money converting those top doors to glass.

I'm leaning toward doing it, but what do you think? Is it worth it?

Thanks to everyone who answered my late night question on Instagram last night!

2) Should we splurge for beveled glass doors on the cabinets or go for plain glass? 
For regular glass, were quoted at $15/each for the smaller doors on the left, and $20/each for the doors on the left. They weren't able to quote us on the beveled glass option until tomorrow (no idea why), but they did say it was more expensive. The question is, how important is that detail? I think it will be a really nice touch and make the kitchen feel more custom and expensive, but I'm not sure how much extra I want to pay for it.

How much more would you pay for beveled glass? Or do you think I'm being ridiculous and no one would even notice that extra touch?

via Dulles Glass & Mirror

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section! We'll be making these decisions over the weekend, and I'd love to have your input.

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