Sneak Peek: Guest Bathroom Makeover Plans

Update: The guest bathroom makeover is finished!


Spring break is coming up, and you know what that means: project time!

Whenever the husband has a decent break from work, we usually come up with a relatively large project to tackle. This spring break we plan to tackle the guest bathroom, which hasn't been updated since the house was built in 1987. It's a decent size, but it's dark and dingy and dated. Plus the vanity is super low, which is really annoying when you're relatively tall.

Sorry for the yellow-ness of this photo– it's from the online home tour when we bought the house. The realistic coloring is what you see above.

Here's my vision for the space:

Guest Bathroom Plans

We already ordered the Montaigne Double Vanity (currently 50% off!) from HomeDecorators.com, so that should arrive in the next week. We also plan to sand down the texture on the walls (which I highly dislike), paint the walls, carry the beadboard detail all the way around the room (but painted white, re-tile the floors, replace the toilet, add recessed lighting, add a vent and install some interesting wall tile. We plan to keep the mirrors, wall lighting and shower area the same to save some money.

I think the husband will be mighty busy during spring break! I can't wait to see this bathroom match the rest of our home. I know our guests will be grateful to have a nicer bathroom, too.

What do you think of our plans? What are you working on right now?

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