Sneak Peek: Guest Bathroom Makeover Plans

Update: The guest bathroom makeover is finished!


Spring break is coming up, and you know what that means: project time!

Whenever the husband has a decent break from work, we usually come up with a relatively large project to tackle. This spring break we plan to tackle the guest bathroom, which hasn't been updated since the house was built in 1987. It's a decent size, but it's dark and dingy and dated. Plus the vanity is super low, which is really annoying when you're relatively tall.

Sorry for the yellow-ness of this photo– it's from the online home tour when we bought the house. The realistic coloring is what you see above.

Here's my vision for the space:

Guest Bathroom Plans

We already ordered the Montaigne Double Vanity (currently 50% off!) from HomeDecorators.com, so that should arrive in the next week. We also plan to sand down the texture on the walls (which I highly dislike), paint the walls, carry the beadboard detail all the way around the room (but painted white, re-tile the floors, replace the toilet, add recessed lighting, add a vent and install some interesting wall tile. We plan to keep the mirrors, wall lighting and shower area the same to save some money.

I think the husband will be mighty busy during spring break! I can't wait to see this bathroom match the rest of our home. I know our guests will be grateful to have a nicer bathroom, too.

What do you think of our plans? What are you working on right now?

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  1. Love that vanity. This is going to be some transformation. So nice that Scott is such a hard worker on his Spring break! Also, I thought your conversion of the vases to pendant lights in the master bath was genius. It didn't look easy by any means, but so worth it.

    1. Thanks Sherri! You're right, I'm pretty lucky that he likes to fill his downtime with home renovations. Most people don't consider it fun, but he sure does!

  2. I get so envious when I hear people say things like "I'm pretty lucky that he likes to fill his downtime with home renovations." Don't get me wrong - it's not that I love my fiance any less or that I don't give myself credit for being one of the luckiest girls in America, but guys with power tools are like "Magic Mike Hot"!!! (It's a thing. Promise.) Guess I'll just have to keep demonstrating... ha!

  3. I can't wait to see it!! The vanity is gorgeous and so unique. I just love your blog!!

  4. hey love, I just wanted to say thank you for the sweet comment you left about my mom. It really meant a lot and I'm super glad to report she is doing much better. :)

    Don't forget to check out today's brand new post.

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