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I was having a hard time finding affordable kitchen cabinet hardware to help us keep the costs down on this mini-renovation. I knew I wanted satin nickel cup pulls for the drawers and coordinating knobs for the cabinets, plus I wanted to spring for new hinges for every cabinet. (Our previous hinges had been painted over more than once and were showing their age.)

Once we tallied up the damage, we needed 12 pulls, 41 knobs and and 41 pairs of hinges. I had a feeling it was going to really add up if we couldn't find nice hardware at a low price point.

I checked all of our usual suspects– Home Depot, Lowe's, MyKnobs.com, Build.com. I picked out my top option from each website and compared prices.

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Clockwise from top left:

• Home Depot: Martha Stewart Living Bedford 3" Nickel Canopy Hardware Pull, $4.98
• Build.com: Amerock Satin Nickel Allison Value Center Cup Cabinet Pull, $2.96
• MyKnobs.com: House of Knobs 3" Cup Pull in Nickel Satin, $4.10
• Lowe's: Rusticware 3" Satin Nickel Traditional Cup Pull, $8.07

I wasn't too thrilled with any of those prices, so I did what I always do when I'm hoping to find something cheaper online– I checked Amazon. Seriously, Amazon sells everything. Whenever I find something I like on another website, I make sure to copy and paste the product name on Amazon to make sure I'm not overpaying. I even did this for a necklace I wanted from Etsy and bought it cheaper on Amazon!

Once again, Amazon didn't let me down. I found these Cosmas 4310SN Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware Bin Cup Drawer Handle Pull - 3" Hole Centers for the bargain price of $2.19/pull. They are practically identical to the $8 pulls from Lowe's!

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The best part was that they had coordinating knobs for $1/each (Cosmas 5560SN Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware Round Knob - 1-1/4" Diameter, 10-Pack) and self-closing partial wrap hinges with the same finish for $2.99/pair (Cosmas 27550-SN Satin Nickel Self Closing Partial Wrap Cabinet Hinge 1/2" Inch Overlay (Pair) [27550-SN]). Buying from the same company and the same "satin nickel" ensured we would have hardware that coordinated well together. I've never heard of Cosmas before, but I read all the reviews and felt confident that they would get the job done.

We ended up buying a few extra knobs and hinges, so the final tally was 12 pulls, 45 knobs and 42 pairs of hinges. With shipping, our final total was $212.81. Not bad!

The hardware arrived today and the husband got right to work installing them. Right away, we ran into a couple small issues. The holes from our previous pulls weren't big enough for the "thingamabobs" that stick off the back of these pulls. See what I mean?

The husband solved this problem by using a 5/16" drill bit to enlarge each hole. Also, the screws that came with each pull weren't long enough, so we had to use our own screws. Again, not really a big deal, but it's worth knowing if you are considering buying these pulls.

I will say that the pulls feel heavy and substantial. They do not feel cheap at all, which is always a risk when you buy online. The finish is exactly what I hoped for, and I'm really happy with how they look in our kitchen. I love how cup pulls add instant charm to our new space.

As for the knobs, they were installed very simply with the screws and holes we already had. No hiccups there! Although they aren't sold or marketed as the counterpart to the Cosmas pulls we chose, I think the details on the knobs and pulls work together perfectly.

Final verdict? I'm thrilled with the Cosmas hardware from Amazon. I'm grateful the husband had the right tools needed to make the pulls work with minimal extra hassle, or I might not feel as positive as I do. I'm really happy we found some nice quality pulls that fit our small budget. Woohoo! I'm a firm believer that hardware is a really important detail in the kitchen, and I am loving the personality these new cup pulls add to our space.

As for the rest of the kitchen, we're slowly making progress. I've decided to go with regular glass cabinet fronts instead of beveled glass, and I want to thank each of you who weighed in on my other post. We ended up getting pricing options for both, and the beveled doors were going to be $240, while regular glass was only going to cost us $90. In the end I decided the beveled detail just wasn't worth it.

We're still finishing up the hardware, glass doors and other small details. I wish I had "after" photos, but it's just taking longer than we wanted. (Doesn't every project do that? UGH.)

Anyway, I'll continue keep you posted! Thanks for following along. :)

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