Guest Bathroom Renovation Update

Update: The guest bathroom makeover is finished!

First of all, I'm really sorry for the recent blog silence. The husband and I combined one of my business trips into a personal vacation and spent five days in Washington, DC! Plus my workload really ramped up before that DC event, so I was drowning and just couldn't find time to blog. Now our schedules are returning to normal so I'm back in the saddle. Yeehaw!

Once we got back from our trip, the husband got right to work on the guest bathroom makeover. He's on spring break, so it's the perfect time to tackle a big project. 

Remember my plans from last week's blog post?

Guest Bathroom Plans

Most of the plans have remained the same, but I wasn't sure what tile I wanted for the accent strip above the bead board. Since the walls and bead board will be white, I thought it might be nice to have a little bit of color in that strip. And by color, I mean gray. I'm so wild with my color choices!

I went to my favorite tile store this morning before work (Floor & Decor opens at 7 a.m.) to pick out the tile. My requirements were that it must have a touch of gray in the design and had to be back splash tile that was already on mesh (to make for easy installation). I was walking to the cash register with some of this brick carrara marble tile that was almost $11/ft when I spotted this gray penny tile in a separate part of the store. The liked how the tile had a vintage vibe and thought it would be charming with the wooden vanity. But what really sold me was the price– $3 per sq. foot! We needed at least 24 sq. ft, so it was a significant savings compared to the first version.

Here's the new vision with the penny tile:

Guest Bathroom Plans 2

We hope to finish it by this weekend. So far we've ripped out the old tile floors, vanity and toilet. We tiled the floor with a new ceramic tile that resembles carrara marble and installed the tile accent strip, but we haven't grouted it yet.

The vanity is here, but it will take some MacGuyver action to make it work with our existing plumbing. That should be fun! ;)

We also installed bead board where the old vanity used to be and need to sand down the textured walls that we dislike so much. Then we'll paint the walls and beadboard and put on the finishing touches. Unfortunately there is still a lot to do! I have a feeling it will be a race to the finish line on Sunday.

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