Because I'm Always Tweaking...

When I first read this blog title, I thought I typed "Because I'm always twerking." False alarm– but that would have been an unfortunate typo!

Before I get to the twerking tweaking part of this blog post, I want to touch on the current projects.

We made great progress on the guest bathroom makeover this weekend, but we still have a ways to go. It's crazy how renovating these tiny rooms (I'm looking at you, laundry room) can take so much longer than you think they will. My impatient self can hardly stand it!

Halfway through the bathroom project we were forced to switch gears to the kitchen. We scheduled a painter to come paint our kitchen cabinets today, so we had to do all of the prep work beforehand. Our best guess is that one of the previous owners bought a bunch of cabinets and installed them himself, stacking them on top of one another. Some of the seams were uneven and the cabinets were just a little sloppy in general. The DIY paint job on the cabinets certainly leaves a lot to be desired, which is one of the reasons we are having them painted. Anyway, we had to do a lot of wood filler, sanding and just general tweaking before the painter arrived. It's the kind of work that is definitely not fun, but it has to get done. We know the hassle will be worth it in the end.

While the husband was busy in the kitchen, I was grouting our penny tile accent strip in the guest bathroom. (Note to self: Don't wear your wedding ring when you're grouting tile!) I'm in love with the penny tile, but it didn't really come alive until we added the bright white grout. You can follow along with our projects on Instagram (@JordanG106) and Facebook if you want live updates!

Anyway, I wanted to update you on some of the tweaking I've been doing in the den and formal living room. When you last saw the den, it was decked out in its holiday finest and we had just installed a new travertine floor.

If you were paying close attention, you may have noticed another tweak we made since this room was originally painted. Remember this (circa June 2013)?

We originally didn't paint the ceiling, but we quickly realized we should have originally carried the dark grey color all the way up to the trey ceiling detail. We did add that a few months later, and these days this room is one of our favorite spots. We spend almost all of our time in this cozy space.

I have so much fun decorating those shelves. The best part is that probably 75% of those doodads and decorative objects are from the flea market or thrift store!

Meanwhile, I spiced up the formal living room with some bright new pillows from World Market. I wanted it to feel brighter and more spring-like in this room. You can't beat $10 for a throw pillow!

I'm always fiddling with the house to make it feel fresh and new. Sometimes I move plants/throw pillows/blankets/decorative objects from room to room until everything feels right. I've learned the best (and most affordable) thing to do when rooms are feeling stale is to shop my own house. The same piece of furniture or accessory can have totally new life in a different space. 

So tell me, what have you been tweaking lately? Or maybe you've been twerking? No judgment here!

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