Vote: Nightstand Remix

If you looked really closely at the photos of our master bedroom, you may have noticed a difference between the two nightstands.

Exhibit A on the husband's side features one of our $5 thrifted nightstands in its original form. I was drawn to the texture of the rattan/bamboo piece and liked how the double decker design would give us more usable bedside storage. I'm the type to accumulate many books and cups of water beside my bed, plus my phone charger, Nook charger, all that good stuff. Storage is key!

Exhibit B on my side features the same nighstand with some black inserts (made of poster board)!

I felt like the back part of the nightstand was a little busy with the crisscross pattern, so I tried to modernize it by adding the deep black solid inserts to the bottom shelf and back side. It's just a piece of chalky black (not glossy at all) poster board from the craft store, so it is very cost effective and easy to change out.

I also thought the black would tie in with the sconces and help the unusual mix of rattan, leather and brushed nickle make more sense together. (I have eclectic taste, what can I say?) Plus, let's be honest– I can't resist a $5 nightstand. I spend more than that at Starbucks!

I stopped after I finished the first nightstand because I wanted some feedback before I spent any more time on the project. I figured I would put it on the blog and see if you like it before or after the poster board makeover.

What do you think? Should I keep them in their original bamboo glory or make them a bit more moody and modern with the black?

Let me know in the comments below. As always, thank you for reading and weighing in. The best part about having a blog is chatting with like-minded people!

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