The Wall Hooks That Changed My Life

Behold, a classic example of a [incredibly] simple DIY that has made a world of difference:

It was early December, and we were iced in. "Icepocalypse," we Texans were calling it. I was bored, so I decided to organize my closet. As part of that reorganization process, I asked the husband to hang two wall hooks right outside my closet door.

Let me back up.

I'm not really a morning person. I'm just not. But I'm trying to get better. I tell myself things like, "The earlier you get to work, the earlier you can get home," and "Early bird gets the worm." (OK, I don't say that second one because it's way too cheesy, but you know what I mean.)

In an effort to improve my morning routine (which is basically me shuffling around the house in a glorious zombie-fog with no urgency or clear thought process), I thought it would help me to pick out my outfits the night before. No more trying on multiple outfits and strewing different pairs of jeans around my bathtub only to choose the first thing I put on in the first place!

I actually started this practice before I had the hooks, but the husband hated it because I kept hanging my clothes off the towel racks and cluttering up the bathroom. The husband does not like my mess. (He's a neat freak.) My brilliant idea to lay out my clothes the night before meant that I was laying my clothes all over the bathroom. He did not approve.

Now, back to the magical hooks. I figured these two hooks would give me a place to put out my outfit the night before. Lo and behold, they do! They are one of the most functional and helpful things I've ever hung on my wall, and they cost me all of $3.

I hang my pants/skirt/bottom half of clothing on the lower hook and place my blouse/jacket/top half of clothing on the upper hook.

These hooks are extremely affordable and can be found at any big box store. I spray painted mine champagne to help match the odd rose gold bathroom hardware we inherited. 

I'm actually not being dramatic when I say that these tiny hooks have improved my life. It is a HUGE help for me to have a place to lay out my clothes. I'm less grumpy in the mornings and have been much more efficient. The best part is that I don't make a huge mess in the bathroom every monring. As a direct result, my husband loves me more.

Wall hooks = happy marriage. It's just logic!

What simple things have you done that streamlined your life? It's crazy how sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact. Maybe I need more wall hooks in my life...

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