My Thumb Needs Help

It seems I have a knack for killing plants. Especially outdoor plants. We certainly have crazy weather changes in North Texas, but I still deserve a lot of the blame. I'm unattentive and have no patience for high maintenance chlorophyll!

On the plus side, I've noticed that I have better luck with indoor plants. In fact, there are four plants in our house that I've kept alive for more than a year now! It's a miracle. (I've killed quite a few indoor plants too, but let's focus on the positive.)

As we've worked on this new house, I've discovered how much I love having plants as part of the decor. There's something fantastic about having a natural, living object in a room. Plus I love the sculptural quality they add and the fact that I can't control how they grow. It's part of the fun!

Here's a photo of my office from back in the summer (right after we moved in), but you can see my two fiddle leaf fig trees by the window. I really love them and am so happy they are still alive! I hardly ever water them, so you know these babies are pretty low maintenance. 

I have two smaller house plants that I move from room to room, but I have no idea what they are called! I picked these up on clearance at Lowe's a long time ago. The way the vines curve over the side of the planters is my favorite part with these plants. I think they make each room look better. I want many more of them so I can spread the wealth!

Does anyone have any idea what type of plants those are in the photos above? 

When I was researching plants, I decided to find some that help purify the air. (Will new plants counteract the dog hair flying around our home that kicks up my congestion? It's worth a shot.) Apparently the following plants help downplay chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene found in common household items like carpet, adhesives, paint and pesticides. Those of us with pets need to ask questions before purchasing to make sure we aren't buying plants that could harm our pets when ingested. I know my pups have a wild streak and have been knock to eat a plant or two.

Plants that Purify:
- English Ivy
- Peace Lily
- Golden Pothos
- Wax Begonia
- Spider Plant
- Philodendron
- Rubber Plant

Healthline.com recommends bringing in 15-20 plants in 6 inch pots or bigger for a 2,000 square foot house. That's a lot of plants! I'm going to shoot to have at least one in every room. These are my favorites:

Houseplants that purify

I think those bottom two look similar to my little houseplants, especially the golden pothos. I love that bright chartreuse color of the leaves. I'm definitely incorporating more of those to my decor!

If I can keep these alive, anyone can do it. I promise you, I hardly water them. They are very, very low maintenance and perfect for people who are on the go. Black thumbs, rejoice!

If you're one of those lucky people with a green thumb, which indoor house plants would you recommend? I'm eager to learn!

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