Master Bathroom Makeover

We've been plugging along on our bathroom for the past couple of months, and I'm thrilled to finally show you the progress. We got a sudden burst of productivity this weekend and were able to finish up the last couple of projects for this space.

The master bathroom we started with wasn't terrible at all. I think the tile and paint choices were a bit questionable, but it wasn't bad enough for us to throw a big wad of cash at this room. We figured some relatively minor updates to give this room some personality without a complete overhaul.

This is how it looked when we toured the house. 

And here's how this room looks today:

The first thing we did was paint. I really wanted to downplay the brown/tan accent tiles and create a room that felt more spa-like, so we pulled out the grey from the main tiles and put that on the wall instead of the yellow-y beige color that was there before. The wall color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, which is the color we have used in almost every room. I like to stick with what works! We also painted the doors, cabinets, moulding and trim a crisp white (Pure White by Sherwin Williams).

We removed the ornate chandelier above the bathtub and replaced it with a fun capiz chandelier from the Pottery Barn outlet (it's actually a PB Teen product, but they don't carry it anymore).

The bathroom faucets in this room are a really unique finish. My best description is sort of a rose gold mixed with champagne and brushed nickel. I searched high and low to find the exact faucet, and it turns out the finish is "vibrant brushed bronze" by Kohler. Once I saw this particular faucet was worth nearly $600, I decided we should keep it! But of course, that meant it would be nearly impossible to match the rest of our hardware.

For the new cabinet pulls, we decided to mimic the minimalist look of the faucet and use the same hardware as our custom master closets. Even though they weren't the exact finish of the faucet, we felt like the coordinated well. With a fresh coat of paint and the new handles, the cabinets got new life and emphasized the serene grey walls.

I wanted to embrace how tall our ceilings are in this room, so we placed a big floor mirror from HomeGoods above the tub to draw your eye up. I like how it ties in with the brown/tan accent tiles and makes those look more purposeful. I still have no idea why they matched the grey and tan tiles together in the original design, but I've got to embrace them at this point. It's not my favorite but we're going to keep them since they are in good shape and aren't overly offensive.

As for the sink area, we aren't sure why they only installed one sink. Seems odd, right? I originally thought we'd want to install another sink, but we've found that this setup doesn't bother us at all. As long as we have our own counter and mirror space, we're fine.

Once again we wanted to emphasize the high ceilings, so I asked the husband to relocate the lights above the mirror so we could have huge floor mirrors above the sink. I LOVE the giant mirrors and the way they multiply the space in the room. They instantly made a huge difference and made the room feel so much more luxurious than it did before. Each mirror was $80 at HomeGoods.

The pendant lights are a fun DIY project we completely yesterday. I'll be back with a separate post explaining how we made those from simple glass vases. We're thrilled with how they came out!

How about a little before and after action? It's just so satisfying to see them side-by-side.





So, what's your favorite part? I'm definitely partial to the floor mirrors above the sink area. It's an unconventional idea that makes our bathroom feel special!

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