Group Therapy: Troublesome TV Wall

I'm back with another installment of Group Therapy! This time we're tackling a dilemma from my friend Christin, who isn't sure what to do with the wall behind her television.

"I have a decorating question I was hoping you might be able to help me with if you have time. It concerns decorating the wall space around a TV that is sitting on an old buffet. My house is small, so it does not have a lot of places to set picture frames, etc. I was hoping to put up some kind of shelving. An eye like yours would help me determine what would look good or and more importantly, what would not look good!

Christin sent along a few photos to go with her question.

This particular question is near and dear to my heart because I have also been debating what to do with my TV wall. It's a really tricky space, don't you think?

So the first thing I did was search around for ideas on Pinterest, naturally. I found some fantastic examples of shelves and photos around a TV. 

I can't read this blog (What language is that?), but I sure do like this image:

Marits Vita Skrin
This set up could be really good for Christin. I love the way the TV is oriented, and the shelves give her flexibility to switch out the photos and artwork.

Breath of Simple
I have personally used these Ikea Ribba picture shelves in our old house and had fun switching out the art and frames for each season. They are super affordable and easy to install. Christin could use them to do something like this around her TV.

4 Men, 1 Lady
Now it's time for your brilliant ideas! 

Let us know in the comments what you think Christin should do behind her TV. How can she use the space to hang more family photos and artwork? Let's put our heads together and figure something out!

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