DIY Brass Light Makeover 2.0

Back in the spring, we found a giant brass lantern (hello, 1980s!) at the thrift store for $15. A quick coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint turned it into a statement piece in the dining room of our new house. I got so much gratification from such a simple makeover...

I loved the project so much that I kept my eyes peeled for more lights like this every time I went to the thrift store. Several months later I finally hit the jackpot, grabbing these two lights for $15 total.

As much as I wished we had a spot for two (wouldn't a set of these be amazing over a kitchen island?), we only needed one for our entry hall. Since the entry is right next to the dining room, I thought it would look nice to have a very similar light in the entry hall on a slightly smaller scale.

The husband is very meticulous, so he got the job of taping off the glass squares for this spray paint job. I do not have the patience or precision for such jobs, I'll tell you that! Pretty soon it was sitting pretty right above our front door.

See those lights in the hallway? We used to have some unattractive "boob lights" in those two spots, but the husband replaced them with LED pot lights. He's learned so much about electrical work lately and loves to install lighting now. It looks so much better!

Here's a view of the dining room and entry hall from the middle of the house when we have all of the lights on:

Then I turned the lights off and took a few pictures of the room with the daylight streaming in. Isn't it interesting how different the paint color is with natural light compared to the warm glow of the lamps? Maybe that's why they tell us to do our makeup using natural light!

I was shopping the post-Christmas sale at Hobby Lobby and bought two 8 packs of these small disco ball ornaments. I liked them so much that I decided to keep them in the natural wood bowl on our dining table year-round instead of packing them away with the other Christmas stuff.  I loved the contrast between the reflective balls and the rustic bowl.

I was hoping the disco balls would bounce light around the room like my inspiration over at The Nester, but I never could seem to get them to do their thing. Disappointing, but they were sparkly and fun anyway so I didn't think much about it.

The other day I walked in and squealed like a schoolgirl when I saw the small dots of light all over our dining walls. Scott literally came running because he thought something bad happened. You can imagine the way he rolled his eyes when he realized I was so worked up over some disco ball ornaments! Then he gave me a lecture about giving him a scare when I yell like that. Oops.

Those little dots make me SO happy. It only happens for about an hour per day, but it's totally magical when it does. Now I want to find a giant disco ball for other rooms in our house!

Well, that's the latest over here. What have you guys been up to? We've been working on a bunch of other little projects, so I've got some good stuff coming up on the blog this week. Check back soon!

PS. If anyone is local to DFW and is interested in a brass light to spray paint, I have an extra one I'll sell you for $15 – more than 100% profit for me, woohoo! Send me an email at jgrantham106@gmail.com if you're interested. :)

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