Budget Friendly Guest Bedroom Makeover

When we moved into this house, we inherited a pink and green bedroom that previously housed two twin girls. It was fine for two little girls, but we were not feeling it– at all. I most definitely wasn't feeling the dark brown window blinds with the pink and green walls! Not a good look.

We let it sit that way for a couple of months while my mother subtly dropped hints about how desperately that room needed to be painted. (She was the main occupant of this guest room those first few months, and apparently the pink and green did nothing for her.)

One day I was sifting through the paint reject pile at Lowe's when I spotted a deep teal color for $2. Suddenly, a vision for the guest room was born!

Although I love neutrals and all shades of grey, it was exciting to step outside my comfort zone and some fun with color in this room. I wish I could tell you what color of paint we used, but the reject pile doesn't always specify the color choice. Whatever it is, I really like it!

I would normally advocate against placing a bed in front of a window, but this room didn't give us many layout options. That window looks directly at the fence between our house and the neighbors, so it doesn't have a nice view. After trying the bed on each wall, I settled on this location with some graphic curtains (a clearance purchase from our local West Elm) as a backdrop.

To deck out the rest of the room, I simply shopped our house. These are the moments when my thrifting habit comes in handy. Both the bedside crate ($5) and task lamp ($7) are from the thrift store, as is the bright floral art ($25) on the adjacent wall. 

Opposite the bed is our old sofa table, decked out with two of my mom's old lamps. (I love hand-me-downs, don't you?) The round mirror was a thrift store buy ($10) and the rectangular mirror was left for trash pickup on my neighbor's curb, so I grabbed it for myself! I like to give our guests reading material and dinner mints, so those treats get placed on top of the table.

The striped fabric boxes are from the latest warehouse sale at Wisteria, and I like the pattern they bring into the room.

You may notice that our trim in this room is a yellow-y white. Trust us, we don't like the trim color. We're waiting for the right moment to have all of the trim in the house painted a brighter white, but for now we have to live with this beige color. At least it looks better with dark teal than it did with pink and green! We're also anxious to update the gold doorknobs and hardware, but that will also come later.

Since I was able to shop our own stuff, I only spent $2 (for a gallon of paint) on this room makeover. Not too shabby, right? 

What do you think– are you surprised with my color choice?

Additional sources:
Bed: Ikea
Throw: Dillards
Bench: Marshall's (reupholstered by me a couple of years ago)
Sofa table: Inherited from the previous owner at our first home
Duvet: Ikea
Yellow pillows: thrifted
Grey center pillow: came with our new sofa

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