2014: Let's go!

While we were flying back from Miami on New Year's Eve, the husband and I came up with a few resolutions we want to strive for in 2014. I don't know about you, but sitting on a plane always makes me want to make lists!

1. Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. 
This one is pointed directly at me. I fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to bedtime, which means I sometimes stay up way too late and have to function on about five hours of sleep. No bueno. It really frustrates my better half because he is very routine-oriented and likes to go to bed around the same time each night, so my willy-nilly bedtime spontaneity drives him nuts. More sleep = more energy = waking up earlier = getting home earlier = better overall health. This is what I'll be telling myself when I want to stay up later to watch a TV show, read, write this blog, peruse Pinterest and any of the other things that distract me from sleeping!

This man flew by us on his jet pack while we did the bay cruise in Miami. When will we all be flying around on jet packs?

2. Study the Bible. 
There is reading the Bible and then there is studying the Bible. I could read the Bible all I want but if I'm not really putting the effort in to retain the information and remember the specific verses/storie/lessons, I won't get very much out of it. I can easily read a chapter before bed and not remember anything the next day. One of the ways we plan to force the issue in this part of our lives is by taking part in Bible study groups (accountability helps) and by taking notes when we read.

Biscayne Bay cruise, Miami, Dec. 2013

3. Add ____ to savings account by June.
We started setting these types of financial goals early on in our marriage, and it really works well for us. We're able to say no to some impulse purchases when we consider our overall goal and how good it will feel to reach a certain number in our saving account. I'm a worrier, so it gives me great peace of mind to add to our emergency fund. It felt weird to share the exact amount, so that's why I left the blank on there.

Not creepy at all, right? Spotted in Islamadora in the Florida Keys. 

4. Walk the dogs four times per week. 
We've recently started taking the pups on daily walks, and they are officially obsessed. They thought they had a happy life until they realized how much happier it could be when they got to take a walk each day! Now they are constantly staring at the basket where we store the leashes and whining to go outside. It just takes a little more effort on our part to make them very happy doggies, so we're making it a priority in 2014. Plus, Rory is a smidge chubby so we know this will help her shape up! :)

5. Eat bigger breakfasts.
I love breakfast, and yet I usually just cram a granola bar in my mouth during my long commute to work. Totally lame. Plus I've been reading that it's better to have a big breakfast than a big dinner, so we're going to try to put more effort into our first meal of the day. I'm thinking we can add smoothies to the mix and find some easy, healthy breakfasts that can be prepared ahead of time to help us achieve this goal.

Bahia Honda State Park, Florida Keys, Dec. 2013
6. One morning workout per week
What are New Year's resolutions without one tied to weight/diet/exercise? I'm trying to make this one attainable by only making it once a week, so we'll see how it goes. I think it would feel amazing to knock out my workout before I start the workday, but it's one of those things that is easier said than done. And it is directly related to #1, because if I go to bed really late there is no way I'm waking up for a morning workout. Puh-lease! I had 6 a.m. workouts throughout my college volleyball career and have rebelled against the idea ever since, but lately I've been wishing I would wake up and get it over with. Must. Wake. Up.

Miami skyline, Dec. 2013
7. Plan meals before grocery shopping.
I'll just put it out there: I don't like cooking, and I don't like meal planning.  I see the value of both and am not good at either one. If you asked the husband what he'd like his wife to improve upon, he would say cooking. Nothing makes him happier than when I plan and cook dinner. He actually does a lot of the cooking (depending on which time of year and how busy his work schedule is), so I'm going to try to carry my weight and make more meals for him. This will involve meal planning, so that's the more practical goal here. I'd like to know what I want to make for dinner that week before I go to the grocery store so I can be more efficient with our grocery spending. Maybe I won't have as many "We have no food in this house" moments!

8. Stop picking nails
This one is all Scott. He picks at his cuticles constantly and has the fingernails of a nervous five year old! I want to go all Miss Piggle Wiggle on him and douse his hands in vinegar, but that would not go over well. So we've added this one to the list and we'll be able to see if he can control this bad habit in 2014!

9. Unplug.
We all need to unplug more, right? I'm guilty of this on so many levels. This year I'm going to make an effort to stop checking emails on my phone when I'm not working. I'll try to designate time each night where my phone is in the other room and I'm fully unplugged, focused instead on spending quality time with my little family. Because they deserve my full attention much more than Pinterest does, am I right?!

I put the goals up in our kitchen to remind us of what we're working toward. I find that I need frequent reminders...

So, do you have resolutions for 2014? Or do you avoid resolutions altogether?

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