Glam, Colorful Holiday Tablescape

If you've been following this blog for a while, you might remember that I always create a holiday tablescape for a Christmas event at my church each year. This is my third year doing it, and it's always a fun challenge to come up with a completely differently look from the previous tables I've created. Of course I don't want to buy a bunch of new stuff I'll only use once, so I try to create a new theme using existing items I have around the house.

This year I decided to do a colorful, Kate Spade-inspired table using some non-traditional Christmas colors. It was quite the departure from my classic, equestrian-inspired table from 2012 and the soft neutrals of the pear tree theme in 2011. As always, I started collecting beautiful images on Pinterest to get some inspiration and ideas for the table. (View my inspiration board here.)

My inspiration pieces for this year's table were these oversized mercury glass ornaments I bought at the Wisteria post-Christmas sale last year. They always have an amazing post-Christmas sale, and I scored each one of these 12 inch and 10 inch ornaments for less than $10! Inspired by this Pinterest photo, the I brought in my thrifted green glasses and some green chargers from Target. 

By arranging the ornaments as a makeshift table runner down the center of the table, it creates a low centerpiece dinner guests can see over to talk to one another. There's nothing worse than a beautiful centerpiece that blocks the view from one side of the table to another!

Even with the pops of green and gold on the black and white tablecloth, it was still lacking something. My mom and I were fiddling with the table and decided to bring in my pink napkins from Anthropologie for another fun touch of color. I bought those on sale a really long time ago, but this was my first time to actually use them. The hot pink was a game changer and really made the tablescape come alive. From there we were rolling...

A special thank you to my friend Renée Fernandes for taking these lovely photos. I always do a practice run on my own table before the event, so she came over to take these photos of the table in our dining room before I packed it up and took it to the church.

Alright, let's talk materials! 

The "tablecloth" is simply three yards of fabric from Ikea. The striped pattern provides the modern, preppy-chic background I was picturing for the Kate Spade vibe. Love it!

From there I just wanted to add a lot of sparkle, so I incorporated the gold beaded placemats from HomeGoods underneath the chargers from Target. I love the circle- square-circle layered look that makes with my thrifted china on top! Without the dark green in between, it didn't have as much depth and wasn't quite as interesting. 

Speaking of sparkle, I used glitter wrapping paper from Michael's to wrap up small gift boxes for each place setting As much as I love the glitter and how it picks up the candlelight on the table, that stuff was incredibly frustrating to work with! The texture of the glitter meant that tape couldn't grab hold of it. How are you supposed to wrap a present without tape?! As I was fiddling with the tape problem, I ended up getting glitter all over my office table, my hands, my face, the works. EVERYWHERE!

Some of my favorite ornaments were hung from our spray painted thrift store chandelier (which is still one of my favorite things in the house) with fishing line to help carry the theme upward. I love how they float above the table. 

I found a couple of fun items at the thrift store to add to the ornaments pile in the center of the table, including all of the pink, blue and white ornaments and the little gold candle holders and tapers. I really love how the candlelight bounces around all of the metallic and sparkly surfaces on the table.

I made the name cards using a blank white 5x7 folded greeting card and a gold paint pen. Super easy!

Full Resource List:
China plates: thrifted • placemats: HomeGoods • chargers: Target (Threshold) • oversized gold ornaments: Wisteria • oversized silver ornaments: Wisteria • napkins: Anthropologie • gift boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon: Michael's • gold sparkled flatware: Ross with DIY touch using glitter craft paint • green goblets: thrift store • dotted wine glasses: Kate Spade • mercury glass lanterns: flea market • candle holders: thrifted • colorful ornaments: thrifted

To help tie in the colors of the table with the existing items in the dining room, I brought in pops of pink on my shelves and with the accent pillows. A scrap of pink fabric was wrapped around each pillow, along with a gold feather ornament from Hobby Lobby a few years back. 

The shelves behind the dining table got a dose of pink and green, too. 

 It was my mom's idea to put this Christmas tree on the top shelf in front of the mirror so that the ornaments would be reflected and give us double the fun color up there. Love it!

If you stand at the front of the table and look back into the house, you get a sneak peek of our other decorations. Such a fun view!

So what do you think of the tablescape? We had the event at church last night, and it seemed like a lot of people liked the table. Now that I've done three completely different looks– which one is your favorite?


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