DIY: Gold Typography Mug

Sometimes I doodle on dishware. Forget paper, it's all about glass and porcelain these days!

Using gold acrylic paint for glass and ceramics, I once painted some old white dishes and a thrift store glass vase. Then I used a black Porcelaine pen to doodle on some ceramic tiles to make coasters. It's easy and completely customizable, making it an A+ craft in my book. So when I saw these festive Threshold glasses adorned with a gold "Cheers" at my local Target, it inspired me make something similar.


I grabbed two of these glass beer mugs from Ikea and did some doodling with my gold paint pen that's suitable for glass and ceramics. It took less than 10 minutes while I was watching New Girl. Then I filled them with some leftover cranberries from Thanksgiving and have them on my shelves as subtle Christmas decor.

Cute, right? I learned that it's easier to keep the word/drawing small because the curved surface of a cup poses a challenge for making the letters uniform. The small cursive "Joy" was way easier than the big bubble letter "Joy."If you go big and end up with imperfections, do what I do and embrace the flaws as part of its homespun charm!

Wouldn't they be cute to fill with candy as a teacher or neighbor Christmas gift? They're actually a great size to use as small vases, too, if you're not into beer mugs.

You can find the paint pens at any craft store. I'm telling you, everyone needs a gold paint pen for random doodling sessions! Husband, if you are looking for stocking stuffers for me, I'm always down for more metallic paint pens...

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