2013 Holiday Home Tour

It's our first Christmas in the new house, and we are loving it! We got hit by a huge winter storm on Thursday night that blanketed the house in a pretty (and treacherous) blanket of ice. It makes the outside decorations look extra festive, don't you think?

Our neighbors put these reindeer out on the curb for trash pickup a couple months ago. When I was growing up in Florida, we had reindeer like this in our front yard as part of our Christmas decorations. One year they were stolen during the night, much to my mom's dismay. The funny part is that they were returned to us a few years later! Can you believe that? Anyway, I saw these on the curb and nostalgia kicked in. I had to have them, even though they were a little "broken." Please note how the husband created a splint for Blitzen so he could stand proudly in the front yard!

We didn't want to buy any new decorations, so we re-purposed the garland and wreaths from our old house to make a window display that works with this house.

My flea market ice skates decorate the wreath on our front door. I love how the white skates pop against the darker background! I was very tempted to take the skates off the door and use them to skate around our driveway this weekend, but I resisted.

Right inside that front window is our dining room with my colorful, splarkly tablescape that I spoke about in my last post.

One of the really fun parts about this new house is that we have more than one living space. I decided to take advantage of the separation and use different holiday color schemes than I've used in the past. Playing off the hot pink touches in the dining room, I decorated the formal living room with shades of pink, blue, green and gold. 

Those are the DIY felted trees I made last year. The great thing about white is that it goes with everything! I snazzed them up with some thrift store pink ornaments and our old tree topper (that is actually too heavy for our tree) under a cloché.

The tree is tucked away in the corner, topped off with my DIY paper tree topper. Fabric scraps and extra ribbon added a colorful touch to a strand of lights around our french doors leading into my office. That was the perfect project to do while watching a Christmas movie. Anyone can cut strips of fabric and tie knots! I think it has a very charming, homespun effect that balances some of the more "glitzy" touches in the living and dining room.

A tree looks so much better with pretty presents underneath, don't you think? I used some gold faux bois wrapping paper from the post-Christmas sale at Marshalls last year to wrap the gifts we've purchased so far. They were accented with either pink, black or forest green ribbon, depending on the gender of the recipient.

Because I used so many of our favorite ornaments for the dining room tablescape, I needed to fill some empty spots on our tree. Not wanting to spend money, I decided to use more fabric scraps, along with wire ribbon and curling ribbon to add colorful touches on the cheap. 

My office is a bright white space, so I wanted to keep the Christmas decorations pretty simple in there. How adorable are these grey, white and gold polka dot gift boxes from Target? I'm in love with them. The color scheme would work for Christmas, a wedding, a baby shower...

I bought this gold garland from the Martha Stewart parties section at JC Penney. It's not specifically holiday decor, but I figured it would work with the neutral scheme in this room. And yes, the horse statue is wearing a dog scarf. Rory was grateful that I only made her wear it for a few minutes before transferring it to the horse!

This big red bow makes our flea market light fixture look like a vintage ornament, don't you think?

The den is where I kept things extra warm and traditional using our usual color scheme from past years, red and green.  It's the coziest spot in the house, for sure!

So, do you have your holiday decorations up yet?

Do you like to stick to traditional colors or more modern schemes? I love that this house allows me to have both without them clashing with one another. It lets me be extra creative and try new things!

For more ideas, check out our 2012 Christmas home tour. It's interesting to see how the same decorations had a completely different look in our old house.
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