Thankful for Octobers

Last week I had a business trip in New York, and we were able to sneak away for an hour or two to see the beauty of autumn in Central Park. I was reminded of this quote from Anne of Green Gables:

I've never been to NYC during this time of year before, and it was particularly charming with the colorful trees. I usually think of NYC as a very "grey" city, but the autumn colors really brighten it up and bring a new energy to its landscape. It was so lovely in person.

A couple more random thoughts from my trip to NYC:

• Smoking is still a "thing" in NYC. I hardly ever see people smoking in Dallas. Just a random observation...

• I made my first visits to Mood, M&J Trimming and ABC Carpet & Home. All were as great as expected! I love Project Runway, so I was excited to see a former contestant (Fabio Costa) casually buying fabric in Mood. ABC Carpet & Home is totally a feast for the senses, but the prices were too high for my skinny wallet. I did love browsing through the store and getting inspiration, though.

• Taking a pedicab from the theatre district to Madison Square Garden is one of the most harrowing experiences I've ever endured. Those are some daring pedicab-ers! I was so grateful when we arrived at our destination in one piece. Instavideo here... Also, this short ride cost me $80 and I felt totally swindled!

• I even found time to visit a NY thrift store! We went to the Gramercy Housing Works location, which happened to be the spot where the $615k Banksy painting was on display. Everything in the NYC thrift store was way more expensive than the stuff in my local stores, which is not surprising when you think about the fact that everything costs more up there. I didn't find any treasures to bring home with me, unfortunately. 

• I finally got to see Wicked, and it was as great as advertised!

Anyway, it was a great trip but I'm happy to be home. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging this week, sharing our latest home updates and the details on my best thrifting purchase in a while...

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