Stuff is Happening!

Our house is pretty much in shambles right now, but that's OK because we have fresh paint on the walls in three important spaces! I can't wait until next week because I should have so much good stuff to show you. Right now all of our stuff is jammed in the center of the rooms, dust is covering every surface and the husband is putting his handmade custom closet system back together. I wish I had better photos but for now here are a few sneak peeks of what's happening over here!

Last time we checked in on his massive closet project, they looked like this:

And this was the scene last night while Scott was putting the doors back on:

To say that we're excited about this phase of the project is the understatement of the year. He's been working on these closets for months (off and on) and built them by hand all by himself. To see them freshly painted (Pure White by Sherwin Williams, with Galveston Grey by Benjamin Moore on the walls) and with the hardware installed is just about the most exciting thing ever! I will do a full reveal with better photos on Monday once we've got them finished and everything back in its rightful place. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, our master bathroom also got a new coat of paint on the walls and cabinets. What used to look like this...

...currently looks like this:

Obviously we have a long way to go in this room and my photo is pretty terrible, but the new grey color (my favorite, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore) really helps downplay the strange beige tile accents that I don't really like. Hooray for that!

And do you remember our bright pink and puke green guest room? (No offense, previous owners- I know you had good intentions when you picked these colors. They just aren't my personal favorite.)

I took a risk in here and painted over the dark pink with an even darker color, a $2 can of remnant paint from Lowe's. Sorry, I don't even know the name of the color since it was in the paint reject pile.  I'm excited about this bold color and can't wait to make this room warm and cozy for our guests!

So many projects – I don't know where to begin! It's all very exciting though, and I am looking forward to a weekend of decorating projects as I pull these rooms together. I should definitely have some good reveals to share with you next week! Stay tuned...

* Happy Weekend *

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  1. Gosh, Jordan, all the changes look fabulous. What an exciting time to have things come together-right before the holidays! Scott did an amazing job on the closet system. I love the chandy in the bathroom. The other one didn't look too shabby either. Could you repurpose it? Also, is there any way you could use a special paint to repaint the dark tile trim to white, since you want to tone down the beige? I really like that color you chose for the guest room. Chris loves Julia recently updated a reading room in a similar color. Looking forward to the upcoming posts!

    1. Thanks Sherri! We actually sold that old chandy on Craigslist, so hopefully someone else is getting use out of it now. That's an interesting idea about the tile- I'll have to look into it. That might be a cost-effective solution!

  2. Looks great and the closets are amazing!

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