Friday Randoms & Jamberry Nail Giveaway!

Have you heard of Jamberry Nails?

Much like Sally Hansen Nail Strips (but better!), Jamberry wraps come in a ton of different colors and styles. You can even design your own. How cool is that?!

My friend Libby sent me some Jamberry nail wraps to try out a couple of weeks ago. I warned her that I'm not really one for manicures (I can count the number of manicures I've had on one hand), but I do love it when my nails look nice. The husband loves it even more than me– for some reason he always compliments me when my nails are polished. Maybe he likes it when I put the tomboy lifestyle aside for a second and indulge my inner girly girl?

Before I share these photos of my snazzy new nails, do you promise not to judge my hands? It's strange to see close-up photos of your own mitts. A hand model, I am not. (Maybe I should invest in some hand cream.)

I mean, look at how lovely my nails were before being Jamberried...

And how much better they looked afterward!

Pretty cool, huh? I loved the subtle ombré effect. They helped me look more professional on my NYC business trip!

Guess what? Libby wants to give away a sheet of Jamberry nails to one of you! You know you want to try them out! For your chance to win, check out the Jamberry selection and leave a comment telling us which print is your favorite. You can get another entry if you like Libby's Jamberry Facebook page and tell me you did in another, separate comment. We'll pick someone at random on Monday!

I'm thinking they would make good Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. How funny would it be if I ordered a custom set with the husband's face on each nail? He would die of embarrassment! If you want to order some nail wraps, you can order them from Libby here


When I went to NYC last week, we got to visit a few iconic New York stores: M&J Trimming, Mood and ABC Carpet & Home. They were as beautiful and colorful as I anticipated!

Rows and rows of ribbony goodness at M&J Trimming...

Yards and yards of fabric at Mood, as far as the eye could see. My coworker was so excited to see Stitch from Project Runway. We also saw former contest Fabio Costa buying fabric while we were there. I felt like I walked right into an episode!

ABC Carpet & Home was six stories of gorgeous stuff. Picture Anthropologie on steroids! The herringbone wood floors were pretty much amazing. It was all out of my budget, but I had a great time drooling over everything anyway.


I'm starting to brainstorm ideas for the holiday tablescape party at my church! Last year I did an equestrian-themed table, and the year before was all about glitter and pears

This year I'm picturing a Kate Spade-ish table. I'm excited about the ideas stewing around in my head! Maybe something like this?

 I hope you have a lovely weekend! We've got some projects in the works so I should have some fun stuff to share next week! :)

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  1. How fun are those, and such great designs! My favorites are Vintage Deco and Victorian Lace. How along did they last?

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