Randoms & Happy Weekend

Have you seen the new "Emily & Merritt" line at Pottery Barn Teen? Emily Current and Merritt Elliot are celebrity stylists who created the Current/Elliot denim brand. I'm quite a bit past my teen years but I still love some of the items from this new collaboration with PB Teen! Those ladies have great taste. Here are some of my favorite picks:

Emily & Merritt


You may have noticed that bed is very similar to a much more expensive Anthropologie bed that's always been really popular. Anthropologie's Italian Campaign Canopy Bed is $1,000 more expensive than the PB Teen version. I might even like the PB Teen bed's design slightly better!

Canopy Bed Comparison

It's a lot like the gorgeous bed in one of my favorite pins. Is this not the coziest bedroom ever?

Full House

While I'm talking about the look for less, how about this vest I scored from Target? It's similar to a JCrew vest that's been all over Pinterest. My best friend and I were looking all over DFW for this Target vest, but it was sold out.  I ended up ordering it online for $35.

I compared the two vests on my Instagram account (@jordang106). I'm happy to report the quality of the Target vest seems pretty nice! I love that the fur-trimmed hood can come on and off, making it more versatile. Now if only the weather would cool off a little so I can wear it!


Yesterday I swung by the Salvation Army near my office to see if they had any good stuff. I was admiring some crystal candlesticks that were star-shaped crystal candle holders (exactly like this) when a random woman asked me, "Are you a witch?" I was a bit stunned, but then I figured she was kidding. I said, "Me?" She nodded. "No," I said, confused and trying hard to figure out why she thought I looked like a witch. (I was wearing a navy t-shirt and grey jeans, by the way.) 

She proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't buy the candle holders unless I was a witch because the "those pentagram stars" are a witchcraft symbol. I didn't really want to chat about witchcraft with this lady, so I gave her a fake laugh and walked away. I counted the points on my star (9) and googled what that meant. I came back to look at the candlesticks again, and the woman came up AGAIN to tell me that only a witch would buy those. I was so annoyed. Leave me alone, lady! I just like stars, not witchcraft.

Long story short, I wanted to get away from that lady so I left quickly without my star candle holders. It was just so bizarre. I can't believe she thought I might be a witch!

Meanwhile, I did buy a $10 brass task lamp, a $15 oval mirror and a $2 basket. I really love the curve of the lamp!


 What do you have going on this weekend? The husband's team has an important game and I'll also be spending some time with my parents. Hopefully we'll get a few house projects done, too!

* Have a great weekend! *

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