Master Bedroom Plans: Revisited

The next room we're turning our attention to is our master bedroom. Tonight we had our painters come over to give us an estimate for painting the master bedroom, the new custom wardrobe and the master bathroom. We're hoping the price is right so we can get started on that soon!

The last time we talked about the master bedroom, I shared this inspiration board:

We've been casually hunting for a new bed for the last couple of weeks, and it's been a tough search. We don't want to spend a fortune, but we want the bed to be decent quality. Our only requirement is that it be an upholstered bed. I just think upholstered beds are so much cozier.

One of my main concerns with a linen-colored upholstered bed is that it would get dirty. Our dogs like to lean against the side of the bed so we can pet them, so those dusty little bodies get dirt on our bedskirt. I'd hate to invest in a nice bed only to have my pups dirty it up, you know?

So then I started thinking about a leather bed because it's so durable. Of course a black leather bed is totally out of the question– sorry, bachelors of America. Black leather beds are not a good look!

I do, however, like brown leather. I specifically like a camel colored leather like our Craigslist recliner:

But, here's the thing with leather beds. 1) They are very expensive. 2) They are hard to find. 

The only option that is even remotely feasible for us so far (in terms of price, color and style) is this $800 chocolate brown [faux] leather sleigh bed from Rooms To Go.

As you can tell from the bad iPhone picture above, we went to see the bed in person. The faux leather really wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. It wasn't too shiny and the seams had some different shades of brown, which made it look more realistic. But I was also worried that the leather was such a dark brown that it resembled black leather. The last thing I want is for our bedroom to look like a bachelor pad. I like a masculine vibe, but I don't want to go overboard with boyish touches. It's always better to have a balance.

We still haven't found a better bed, so I just decided to re-work my inspiration board to see what this bed would look like with the same color scheme. Then I would know once and for all if it's too masculine for the room. 

Master Bedroom Inspiration II

It actually doesn't look that bad, does it? 

This is a much better representation of what we'll actually have in the room, too. I found two $5 bedside tables at the thrift store. Right now we are using my grandparents' end tables, but I'm going to move those to our main guest room since it doesn't have any bedside tables. They are dark brown wood so they blend in too much with our wood floors in the master. The guest room has beige carpet so I think they'll be perfect in there. I think these woven wicker tables will add an interesting texture to the room, and the shape is super useful. We like having the open shelf instead of drawers. 

I'm still debating whether to leave them in their natural finish or to paint them... Any thoughts?

My mom has two brushed nickel elbow sconces with navy blue lampshades that she found at the Pottery Barn outlet, so she's going to sell those to me for what she paid ($23/each). She also gave me that plaster deer head that I plan to use above the bed (also a Pottery Barn outlet find). 

We made two big purchases at HomeGoods this past weekend, too. Here's our new rug (8x10 for $200):

I loved the blue and green tones and that it had a warm, traditional style. Plus I loved the price, of course. It's hard to beat $199 for an 8x10 rug!

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this horse photo. It was definitely love at first sight. What a gorgeous animal and beautiful photo– am I right? It was a decent splurge for us at $150, but I gave the husband my best puppy dog eyes and he relented. :)

Once we get the estimate from our painters (which will hopefully be affordable enough for us to hire them for the job), this room will really get moving. We're painting the walls the same color as the den (Benjamin Moore Charleston Grey), and the wardrobes will be white (Sherwin Williams Pure White) with silver hardware

We still need to make a decision on a bed, but at least we have the rug and wall art while we wait. That can help me plan the color scheme for the bed, complete with colorful throw pillows to bring in more feminine elements.

Which reminds me...

While I was rearranging throw pillows this past weekend at the RB House, the husband said something I thought I'd never hear:
"I've come around on these extra pillows. They make the house look good." - husband

Me: "Who ARE you?"

Mark it down, people. Sept 29, 2013: The day my husband stopped hating throw pillows. 

I'll keep you posted as we work on this room. If it seems like we have several rooms partially completed, it's because we do! We still need to finish the laundry room, and I'm almost done with my office... But it will all get done eventually. Sooner rather than later, I hope! 

* Happy Birthday, Kelsey! *

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