Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

I put the finishing touches on the laundry room makeover this weekend!

How about some before and after pics? Those are always the most gratifying part for me. We've come a long way in this small room, that's for sure.








Here's a quick run-down of what we did in here:

Phase I
• Put down new flooring (We are loving the striped tile!)

Phase II
• Paint the walls, cabinets, doors and trim white (Behr Polar Bear)
• Replace the hinges and hardware
• Paint the garage door and window frame dark grey (Valspare Hematite)
• Replace two light fixtures
• Replace the baseboards

Phase III
• Build shelves for storage and to provide a surface for folding laundry
• Hang artwork
• Hang drying rack

We still have to replace the doorknobs, but we're waiting until we decide what doorknobs we want in the entire house before we replace these. I want the doorknobs in the entire house to match, so we'll be patient on that decision.

Do you remember these $2 vintage frames I bought at the flea market?

Well I took them apart, cleaned them up (man, were they dusty and gross) and replaced the drawings with some personalized new artwork. I was inspired by Jenny @ The Little Green Notebook to frame silhouettes of our furbabies.

I am absolutely in love with these silhouettes. They might be tied with the striped floor as my favorite touch in the room.

I will post a tutorial on these later this week, although there really isn't much to it!

One of my other flea market purchases found a home in the laundry room, too. Scott hung the vintage window on the wall for me, and I added some fun touches with paper bunting and a dry erase marker.

This is our main entrance to the home, since we park in the garage. One of the things I didn't like was that I would walk right in to see our keys and my purses hanging on the shelf by the washing machine. I thought the keys looked particularly junky, so we relocated those to a hidden wall right inside the door.

Do you like the bathroom towel bar on the ceiling? I wanted a way to hang dry certain clothing items instead of draping them across the washer and dryer like I normally do. We have an overload of towel bars in our master bathroom for some reason, so we took this one and hung it from the ceiling. It works perfectly, and I think it's better looking than your average dowel rod.

Can you believe I found these storage baskets at the thrift store for $5/each on Saturday?I was actually out shopping at Target and Walmart for opaque storage baskets I could use on these shelves so that it didn't look junky when I stopped by the thrift store. My best friend actually spotted these hidden under a shelf, and they are perfect for this spot! I love the leather handles and that the woven finish fits nicely with our cedar shelving.

I asked the husband to build me some shelves where we could fold clothes and store little random items like dog leashes, sunglasses and gum that we pick up as we walk out the door. He whipped out these shelves using simple L-brackets and cedar planks. I'll explain it in further detail in another post later this week.

Although this room took way more time and effort than I expected, it's totally worth it. As probably the most-trafficked room in our entire house, it makes us feel so much happier to walk into this new space than the drab, dirty and dysfunctional space we started with. It's a nice welcome when we come home, which is exactly what we wanted.

Perhaps I'll even want to do more laundry now? Eh, let's not get carried away...

* Monday Night Football *

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